Melia Kreiling Coming Back In Emily In Paris

The third season of Emily in Paris has finally returned to Netflix after a very long year. We have already begun the third series, which was released earlier today (December 21).

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), all of our favorite cast members, have all made a comeback.

And we’re getting not one but two new characters this season. Paul Forman’s portrayal of the businessman Nicolas de Leon and Melia Kreiling’s portrayal of the Greek artist Sofia, who is rumored to be having an affair with one of the protagonists, are both presents. That is Melia Kreiling, the actress who portrays Sofia, exactly? You need to know only this about her.

What Is Melia Kreiling’s Age?

Melia Kreiling was born in October 1990, making her 32 years old. This puts her in the same age range as most of the other cast members of Emily in Paris, who are all in their late 20s and early 30s.

Melia Kreiling Coming Back In Emily In Paris
                                                  Melia Kreiling Coming Back In Emily In Paris

Who Does Melia Kreiling Play In Emily In Paris?

In October last year, Melia’s part in season three of Emily in Paris was revealed. She is portraying the Greek artist Sofia Sideris, whose exhibit is currently on view at Camille Razat’s gallery. Netflix claims that Sofia makes some intimate connections while in Paris and has a relationship—the only question is, with whom?

What Is The Storyline of Emily In Paris Season 3?

The exciting journey of Emily Cooper is continued in the third season of Emily in Paris as she approaches a turning point in her life. She must reflect on her actions and the direction she wishes to go in life.

Netflix’s logline for the upcoming episode is as follows:

One year after relocating from Chicago to Paris to pursue her dream profession, Emily faces a life-altering decision in every area. While continuing to immerse herself in the adventures and unexpected turns that life in Paris offers, Emily will have to decide precisely where her allegiance lie – at work and in her love life — and what those decisions mean for her future in France.

Melia Kreiling Coming Back In Emily In Paris
                                             Melia Kreiling Coming Back In Emily In Paris

How dramatically Emily’s life has changed since she relocated to Paris was shown in the first two seasons. It will be interesting to watch what choices she makes moving forward given the numerous uncertainties and questions on her mind.

With their distinctive tone, captivating characters, and relatable plot lines, Seasons 1 and 2 appear to have captivated viewers’ attention. Fans should anticipate that the following episode will live up to the excitement. Netflix now has Emily in Paris available for viewing.

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Many Cast Members From ‘Emily In Paris’ Are Returning

In Season 3 of Emily in Paris, Forman and Kreiling join a vast roster of returning characters. It wouldn’t be Emily in Paris without Lily Collins playing Emily Cooper. As Mindy, Emily’s roommate and best friend, Ashley Park, makes a comeback, and Lucien Laviscount returns as Alfie. Also returning are Camille Razat and Lucas Bravo in their respective roles as Gabriel and Camille.

Here are a few more Emily in Paris Season 3 cast members:

  • Kate Walsh as Madeline, Emily’s boss at The Gilbert Group
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Emily’s former boss as Savoir
  • Samuel Arnold as Julien, a former Savoir employee
  • Bruno Gouery as Luc, another former Savoir employee
  • Jean-Christophe Bouvet as Pierre Cadault, a fashion designer
  • Jeremy O. Harris as Grégory Elliott Duprée, Pierre’s nemesis
  • Kevin Dias as Benoit, Mindy’s love interest
  • Jin Xuan Mao as Etienne, the keyboardist in Mindy’s band
  • William Abadie as Antoine, one of Savoir’s clients

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