Before Campaigning, Openly Gay Republican Concealed Divorce From Lady

There has been no letup in the disintegration of the biography of a newly elected Republican congressman. Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that George Santos had fabricated his academic and professional background narrative.

Subsequent publications questioned whether or not he was Jewish, and now The Daily Beast has discovered other inconsistencies in his biography. Santos, 34, who has not spoken publicly about his divorce from his wife in September 2019, has made history as the first openly homos*xual non-incumbent Republican elected to Congress.

Before Campaigning, Openly Gay Republican Concealed Divorce From Lady
Before Campaigning, Openly Gay Republican Concealed Divorce From Lady

Although Santos claims to have been openly gay for the past decade, he has not publicly acknowledged the previous marriage and has filed the official paperwork launching his first campaign less than two weeks after the divorce was finalized. This was an unsuccessful run for president in 2020. His next campaign biography, in 2022, mentions his husband.

Following his October announcement of support for Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say, Homos*xual Bill,” Santos told USA Today, “I can tell you and guarantee you, I will always be a champion for LGBTQ persons.” Santos is out gay and has never had difficulty with his s*xual orientation in the previous decade.

This week’s news has revealed that Santos may be in legal trouble in Brazil, that his business dealings and even his address are questionable, that the schools he claimed to have attended do not have any record of him, and that neither Citigroup nor Goldman Sachs can confirm that he ever worked there.

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Last Lines

The unraveling of the life story of a newly elected Republican congressman has continued unabated. The New York Times revealed earlier this week that George Santos had made up his entire educational and career history.

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