Why Did Simon And Martina divorce? What Happened Between Them?

Why Did Simon And Martina divorce? In 2008, Simon Stawski and Martina Sazunic, who had left their native Canada, established the Eatyourkimchi YouTube video blog channel. The station included video broadcasts focused on people’s day-to-day life in South Korea, including the country’s cuisine, cultural subtleties, and popular culture. The question “Why Did Simon And Martina divorce?” was asked multiple times throughout the game. 

Let’s look at the story to learn more about Why did Simon and Martina divorce? What happened between them?

What Happened To Simon And Martina?

Their channel has been rebranded as Simon and Martina to reflect the new direction of their content. After the pair revealed that they were getting a divorce in 2021 and reverted the name of their YouTube channel to Eatyourkimchi the following year (2022), Sazunic gave up and finally quit the track. In May 2018, there were 1.3 million people who subscribed to the channel.

Simon And Martina divorce
Simon And Martina divorce

Why Did Simon And Martina divorce?

The breakup of a YouTube couple known as EatYourKimchi, Simon and Martina, has been making waves throughout the internet. Both Simon and Martina concluded that they should go their ways in 2021, and Simon also came to the conclusion that he should move back to Ontario in Canada.

The reason for the breakup has not been made public at this time. Even though they had an excellent start to their relationship, why is it now that they want to terminate it in the way that they are most comfortable with? The fantastic couple began their journey in Ontario, Canada, and continued it due to their commitments to various jobs along the way. They were constantly moving to different countries. After their wedding, they went to Windsor, Ontario, and then after they graduated from the teaching program, they moved to Korea.

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Reddit Simon And Martina

Eatyourkimchi Studio, also known as EYK Studio, was established in 2008 by Martina Sazunic and Simon Stawski, both of whom had previously lived in Canada. EYK Studio produced videos about South Korean culture, popular culture, and everyday life from 2008 till 2016. These videos were published on their website.

In 2016, upon its relocation to Tokyo, Japan, the previously known as EYK Studio became known as “Eat Your Sushi.” During this time, we created several video series that introduced visitors outside of Japan to the cuisine and culture of Japan, as well as provided them with travel recommendations.

King Kogi’s Continuing Adventures in Tokyo, Japan, was the name of Martina’s brand-new YouTube channel, which she established in 2021. Simon found a book club in Lisbon, Portugal, as well as a YouTube channel, and participated in online and in-person book discussions.


The Eatyourkimchi YouTube video blog channel was established in 2008 by two Canadians who had relocated outside the country: Simon Stawski and Martina Sazunic. The track featured video content covering topics such as people’s daily lives in South Korea, cuisine, the intricacies of South Korean culture, and popular culture.

They opened their studio in Seoul the same year that they formally incorporated Eatyourkimchi as a business in South Korea. The establishment was operational till the year 2015. Stawski and Sazunic uprooted their lives and moved to Tokyo, Japan, in 2016. While there, they developed the Eatyoursushi video series, which delves into the history and traditions of Japanese cuisine.

Their YouTube channel’s name was altered to reflect the new ownership, which now goes by Simon and Martina. In the year 2021, the pair announced that they were divorcing each other and reverted the name of their YouTube channel to Eatyourkimchi. In the end, Sazunic parted ways with the track in 2022. As of May 2018, the channel had 1.3 million subscribers.

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Final Lines

Simon and Martina, better known as EatYourKimchi on YouTube, recently announced their divorce, and the news has gone viral. Simon and Martina have realized they need to go their separate ways in 2021, with Simon deciding to return to his home province of Ontario, Canada.

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