Is Benoit Blanc Gay? Reactions Of Fans To The News

Fans of the 2019 murder thriller Knives Out immediately started requesting a sequel to learn more about its mysterious detective, Benoit Blanc. Three years later, the eagerly anticipated sequel, Glass Onion, has finally been released, presenting Daniel Craig’s southern investigator with yet another complex and perplexing case.

As predicted by fans, the movie provides extra character insight for Blanc by having him play Among Us with some notable actors in an early scene before discovering the information that prompts him to become involved in the investigation.

Many fans of Knives Out and Glass Onion have questioned whether Benoit Blanc is gay after learning from the relevant scene that the investigator cohabitates with another man in his apartment.

In Knives, Out And A Glass Onion, Is Benoit Blanc Gay?

In the Knives Out movies, Benoit Blanc does identify as gay. While the movie’s writer and director, Rian Johnson, has been far more forthcoming regarding the detective’s s*xuality, Glass Onion makes a passing allusion to it.

Is Benoit Blanc Gay
                                                                      Is Benoit Blanc, Gay

According to Insider, Johnson was questioned about whether the character played by Benoit Blanc living with another guy implied that the character was gay after the film’s screening at the London Film Festival. Rian Johnson said, “Yes, he is,” to the question.

Johnson continued, “There’s nobody in the world I can conceive in bringing me more delight for Benoit Blanc to be with,” without divulging Blanc’s romantic interest. No spoilers, but who wouldn’t want to live with that person? Said Benoit Blanc’s actor Daniel Craig in response.

Who Is Benoit Blanc’s Partner?

Hugh Grant’s character Phillip appears in the film Glass Onion and is revealed to be Benoit Blanc’s business partner. Glass Onion subsequently establishes that Benoit Blanc is residing with Hugh Grant’s character as he opens the door when Janelle Monáe’s character comes to their apartment in search of the investigator after first hearing only his voice in one of the movie’s early sequences.

In a vibrant pink and green apron, Phillip opens the door. Evidently, he is in the middle of baking and is not happy that Blanc is too preoccupied with the bath to answer the door.

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Reactions Of Fans To The News

Many of Benoit Blanc’s supporters have expressed their opinions on social media due to the news that he is gay. One supporter tweeted: “One of my favorite movie moments of the year is when Benoit Blanc’s gay boyfriend is revealed in Glass Onion.”

Is Benoit Blanc Gay
                                                              Is Benoit Blanc, Gay

Another person said, “How am I just now finding out that Benoit Blanc is gay? I watched the entire Glass Onion, wondering if they would ever talk about how ridiculous everything was! But one viewer offered a word of caution for fellow viewers: Don’t go into this expecting an openly homos*xual Benoit Blanc because you won’t get it, to be honest.

That’s a mild spoiler. My mother believed [redacted] was portraying his housekeeper because they made it vague and confusing.

Another Twitter user cited a clip from the film Knives Out as evidence that Blanc has been gay his entire life: I don’t get why it’s shocking that Benoit Blanc is gay after referring to Ransom and Harlan as “drama mothers” in Knives Out.

This fan declared, “Glass Onion is a pretty good movie. But the decision that Benoit Blanc is homos*xual as hell is what I appreciated the most.

The last respondent, though, believes that another detective is superior: “I don’t care whether Benoit Blanc is canonically gay. In my heart, Hercule Poirot will forever remain the gayest little detective with a cracking accent.

After premiering on December 23, 2022, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now accessible on Netflix.

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