Woman Throws Monitor at MIA Ticket Counter Staff: Video Shows

On Wednesday, the woman shown on video at Miami International Airport hurling a computer display at an American Airlines ticket employee went before a judge.

The allegations against Camila McMillie, 25, include aggravated violence, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. The hearing resulted in a bond of $4,500 being established for her release.

McMillian’s charges were upheld by Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer because there was sufficient evidence to support them. Authorities say that McMillie connected at MIA on his way from Alabama to New York City on Tuesday. McMillie was rebooked onto a later flight, and she checked in at gate D-39.

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“While the subject was with the gate agent, her two minor children walked away without notice to use nearby restrooms. Once the subject noticed the children were not with her, she became irate and began to scream, demanding the gate agent to find her children,” police said.

As she screamed at the gate agent, she allegedly ripped the boarding pass reader off the hardwood counter, causing damage to the device and the countertop area and then snatched the computer display and flung it at the worker.

When Miami-Dade police officers arrived, they were assisted by adjacent Customs and Border Protection officials who seized McMillie. McMillie was taken into custody and faced the appropriate charges.

Authorities say the gate agent suffered shoulder bruises in the incident. Peter D’Oench of CBS4 spoke with Trudy Hooker, who was going to the Bahamas with her husband Ernie, and heard the following from Trudy:

“My reaction is that I think this was a little overboard. She should not have acted so quickly like this.” Ernie Hooker said.

“This was too violent. She should have taken more time to find out where her kids were. The person behind the counter had nothing to do with her kids wandering away. Someone could have gotten hurt.”

Another traveller on the plane, who only identified himself as Jim but did not want to provide his last name, added, “This was just an overreaction but it was a hazardous one.”

“Acts of violence against our team members are not tolerated by American Airlines and we are committed to working closely with law enforcement in their investigation. Our thoughts are with our team member, and we are ensuring they have the support they need at this time,” the airline said in a statement.

Greg Chin, spokesman for the airport, says customers should be patient due to an expected increase of traffic around the holidays. “Exercise caution and exercise patience,” he said.

“Prepare for the worst and pack your patience at the airport. We want to urge passengers to pack their patience and nothing take it our on airline staff or airport staff. Do not risk destroying your holiday plans because you lost your temper at the airport.”

As of the sixth of January, Chin said the airport is anticipating an average of 151,000 people per day. That’s an increase of 10 thousand travellers each day compared to last year.

Passengers should get to the airport three hours before a domestic flight and three and a half hours before an international trip, he added.

He said, “We expect a slight uptick in passengers in the next few weeks, especially in the next few days including Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before Christmas and especially on the next Friday before New Year’s Day.

He also warns that airport parking lots may fill up, suggesting that passengers look into parking at nearby cheap lots or try to hitchhike… Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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