Paris Police Fire Teargas at Shooting Location: 3 Killed & 4 Injured

As angry protestors clashed with French police outside a Kurdish community centre in the heart of Paris on Friday, a shooter had earlier killed three and injured four others in an attack with potential racist motivations.

The attorney for the Ahmet-Kaya Cultural Center on Rue d’Enghien verified to CNN that all three people slain there were Kurds. A 69-year-old Frenchman with a lengthy criminal history has been detained as the prime suspect in the attack.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told reporters at the scene that the suspect was not a member of any far-right organisations being tracked by the authorities. “He (the suspect) clearly wanted to take it out on foreigners,” Darmanin said.

On Friday, when Darmanin visited the scene of the attack, he was met with dozens of demonstrators, most of whom were members of the Kurdish diaspora.

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Investigators are not ruling out probable “racial motivations” for the shooting, Paris Prosecutor Laure Beccuau said earlier on Friday. The incident has not been labelled a terrorist act.

“When it comes to racist motivations, of course these elements are part of the investigation that was just launched,” Beccuau said. On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron condemned what he called a “heinous attack” in which “the Kurds of France have been the target.”

“My thoughts to the victims, to the people who are fighting to live, to their families and loved ones. My gratitude to our law enforcement forces for their courage and calmness,” Macron said.

Darmanin claims that the French government has mandated that police forces across the country guard Kurdish monuments and Turkish diplomatic institutions in the wake of the incident.

He has also pleaded with the French head of state and prime minister to allow demonstrations by the Kurdish people.

Prior Record

The Paris prosecutor’s office stated in a statement that the shooting suspect had been released from custody less than two weeks ago, but that a court was still looking into his involvement in violence of a “racist nature” in the past.

For acts of gun violence committed in 2017 and 2022, he received two separate sentences of conviction. According to the statement, in 2021, a court in Paris opened an investigation into violence “with a discriminatory nature.”

As a result of the most recent incident, he has been placed in pre-trial prison while the court investigates. “At this stage, there is no evidence that this man is affiliated with any extremist ideological movement,” the statement said.

Crowds gathered near the centre after the tragedy, with people of Kurdish heritage singing “ehid Namirin” (those who are lost are never really lost but with us) in Kurdish, as reported by CNN’s crew on the scene.

In response to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s tough stance against Kurdish nationalism and his actions towards Kurdish far-left militant and political parties located in Turkey and Iraq, several protesters could be heard yelling “Murderer Erdogan.”

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted his “deepest sympathy” to the Kurdish community in France after the incident. “My thoughts are with the members of the Kurdish community and people of France on this sad day,” Blinken added.

In 2013, three Kurdish political activists, including the party’s founder, were gunned down in the heart of Paris. In the suspected assassination, all three women were shot in the head… Only on Lee Daily will you get more information like this.

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