Who Is Loab? The Dreadful First Cryptid Created By AI

As the first cryptid image created entirely by AI, Loab is making waves in the world of urban legends and horror fandoms. More and more complex computers are being built, and more and more potent artificial intelligence is being developed to make people’s lives better in every way imaginable.

The term “artificial intelligence” (or “AI”) refers to the concept of designing a machine to perform tasks normally associated with human intelligence or thought. The future of AI seems brighter than ever with the release of cutting-edge text-to-image programs like Dall-E 2 and Google‘s Imagen AI.

However, are there hidden dangers in this technology or terrible consequences to building intelligent systems that users aren’t aware of? Then, what exactly is a cryptid? Big Foot, alien abductions, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. are all examples of cryptids because their existence has been speculated upon but never verified.

Who Is Loab
Who Is Loab

Created by the Twitter user Supercomposite using a text-to-picture AI generator, Lab is a terrifying cryptid image. With a negative prompt weight, the user was able to make Loab, an image that is very dissimilar to the word prompt.

For instance, Supercomposite first input the negative prompt “Brando::-1,” which returned an image of a logo with the text “DIGITA PNTICS” printed out, and then input the negative prompt “DIGITA PNTICS skyline logo::-1,” which returned the horrifying image called “Loab” by Supercomposite. More disturbing pictures of Loab are underneath. It’s up to the viewer’s judgement whether or not to watch.

How To Create Loab?

With all the buzz surrounding Loab, many people are curious in the process behind making this mysterious icon. Because they didn’t want to “create some kind of viral trend of people generating horrific stuff with the tools I’ve used,” Supercomposite has been vague about the specific AI generator they used in their work with CNET.

However, the AI image generator Midjourney (which is similar to Dall-E) allows for the reproduction of Loab by the use of particular prompts, such as: ” https://s.mj.run/Y1D-R5IAL3g digital pntics skyline logo::-1, where ” is the URL of the logo picture Supercomposite released on their Twitter.

At the end of the day, what exactly is Loab? Is there truly a monstrous thing waiting to jump out at you from inside the mind of a computer? Most likely not, no. To provide just one example, Supercomposite seems to be building up the hype for Loab on their Twitter page, which just adds to the game’s eerie and terrifying atmosphere.

They advertise “non-cursed LoabTMhi-res photos and items” on their Twitter page and claim to “summon AI demons for fun,” both of which suggest the image is cursed. Loab is neither a demon, cursed, or anything else than a curious anomaly in the development of artificial intelligence.

Who Is Loab
Who Is Loab

More Loabs can be made, for instance, by using a random flower image with the same negative prompts, demonstrating that users simply need the negative word prompt with any image to make Loab, and not some incredibly complex and esoteric route to’summon’ Loab.

Although the new internet urban legend of Lab is entertaining and intriguing, it should be viewed as just another Creepypasta and not as a supernatural being.

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