Cause of Death For TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Is Disclosed

Six months after Cooper Noriega‘s untimely death at age 19, his cause of death has been determined. “combined effects of alprazolam, fentanyl, and lorazepam” caused the teen’s death, as reported by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner. Moreover, “recent clonazepam use” was confirmed by the investigation.

The body of the popular social media user was discovered in a parking lot on June 9. After the Barstool Sports “BFF’s Podcast” account tweeted about “devastating news,” concerned fans began to worry if he was okay.

They posted, “RIP Cooper Noriega,” on June 10th. To paraphrase, “Life is delicate. To paraphrase a popular saying, “Savor every moment.” A week before Noriega’s death was announced, he was featured on a podcast.

In the wake of the devastating news, the teen’s devoted following expressed their sorrow and disbelief. His loved ones have also broken their silence to express their sorrow at his death, posting heartfelt messages on social media.

Cause of Death For TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Is Disclosed (1)
Cause of Death For TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Is Disclosed (1)

Good morning. Cooper’s sister, Parker Noriega, sent a note on the late influencer’s Instagram on June 11, saying, “On behalf of our family, we want to thank you all for the lovely words of our little coop.” For all of us, his demise is a terrible loss.

Collectively, we hope to carry on his work. He cared deeply about all of you. If you want to get in touch with us, please do so; we thrive on hearing from our loyal fans. His sister sends her best wishes to everyone.

Harold Noriega, Cooper’s father, also spoke highly of him, saying that the family has been going through a “extremely terrible time.” He said on Facebook, “We lost our lovely 19-year-old Cooper yesterday evening.” “He was the love of Treva’s, Parker’s, and my life, and he was loved by so many.”

His next remarks were, “There are no words to explain the sadness and loss. The situation is not as it should be. Your kid isn’t expected to outshine his parents. Cooper’s impact has been far-reaching. As a devout Christian, I have no doubt that my son is now in heaven.

To everyone, I say thanks. “I adore each and every one of you. Noriega had previously been candid with his followers about his struggles with substance misuse and mental illness. He “struggled with addiction” from the age of nine, he said on Instagram, so on June 5 he announced he had created a Discord channel for “mental health solely.”

Cause of Death For TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Is Disclosed (1)
Cause of Death For TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Is Disclosed (1)

“You may think that’s ridiculous, but that’s the life I’ve been dealt,” he said, explaining that he wanted to “build a space centred on spreading awareness and normalising talking about mental illness.”

One day, I hope to build a rehab where patients leave without any lingering emotional scars and where the staff members are respected members of the community.

He summed up, “One of the many things I’ve learnt while fighting with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative people will only pull you down. So, Discord’s purpose is to unite us all and provide a haven where we can share our struggles and offer support to one another.

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