Gwendoline Christie Returning For Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday has recently surpassed the viewing numbers of Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix. In that case, it appears inevitable that a second season would be approved, in which all the fan-favorite episodes from the original run will be brought back.

With most characters, that should be simple to do after seeing where the first season left them, but sadly, one is not. That would be Gwendoline Christie’s, Principal Larissa Weems.

Christie’s scene-stealing performance as the headmistress of Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts located in the peaceful village of Jericho, makes her an unforgettable character in the first season of Wednesday.

Weems is a constant source of irritation for Wednesday, and her obvious hatred for Wednesday’s ex-best friend and roommate Morticia Addams makes her an even more likely suspect in Wednesday’s inquiries into the monster that has been terrorising Jericho.

Gwendoline Christie Returning For Wednesday Season 2

Christie’s participation in Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, but while we wait, let’s take a look back at what happened to Weems last time we saw her and try to guess how she may return.

What Happened to Principal Weems?

As mentioned above, one of Wednesday’s main enemies in the first season is a woman named Weems, who we soon find has been using her shapeshifting skills to imitate Rowan, a telekinetic boy who was killed by the monster in order to cover up his murder.

Eventually, Wednesday succeeds in getting Weems to reveal that she was involved in the plot to cover up Garrett Gates’ attempted mass murder of the Nevermore kids many years ago (an act that also led to Gomez Addams being accused of killing Gates).

It seems that Weems had a change of heart and ends up on Wednesday’s side after the truth is revealed. Sadly, this partnership does not last long, as Weems is killed by the wicked instructor Laurel Gates, Garrett’s sister who had been posing as Miss Thornhill.

Wednesday had a similar near-death experience later in the finale and is brought back to life, but Weems is not given the same treatment and is shown to be dead at the end of the episode. Larissa, may your soul rest in peace.

Will Christie be in Wednesday Season Two?

So, at first glance, it could be easy to assume that this will be Weems’ final appearance on the show. Still, given that it is Wednesday and we have seen multiple examples of how death is not the end, we cannot be certain.

In all likelihood, Christie agrees with you. After Digital Spy inquired as to whether or not her time at Nevermore Academy was over, she responded eloquently: In addition, Christie’s co-star and biggest fan, Jenna Ortega, has expressed her desire to reteam with Christie.

Gwendoline Christie Returning For Wednesday Season 2 (1)
Gwendoline Christie Returning For Wednesday Season 2 (1)

The show’s protagonist even had the brilliant idea, as expressed to extraTV, that all shapeshifters’ dormant physical forms may resemble Christie, freeing her up to portray roles other than the late Weems. Time will tell if Tim Burton and the scriptwriters use her suggestion.

Christie’s Wednesday career may be over, but don’t feel bad for her just yet. The seasoned Game of Thrones actress recently told TV Guide that Christina Ricci’s on-screen murder fulfilled “a life-long desire.” Sure, there’s a silver lining to every cloud.

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