Mark Elliott and  Aoife McGregor Reveal That They Have Divorced

Mark Elliott, Conor McGregor’s brother-in-law, said last night that his union with Aoife, the UFC star’s sister, had ended.

“It was basically to do with kids – she wanted a baby and I didn’t,” Mark disclosed to the Sunday World last night.

And Mark described the aftermath of the marriage’s dissolution, confessing that Conor and others could see the divorce coming long ago in a stunning peek into one of Ireland’s most famous families.

“We almost made it to our fourth anniversary – which is a long time to be married in this day and age,” he laughed.

The marriage failed, according to Dubliner Mark (45), who has twin girls, age 20, from a prior relationship.

“The life we were living together wasn’t working. It wasn’t for me and it wasn’t for her. She wanted to do one thing, and I wanted to do the other and that’s it.”

“We’re not talking, but we’re not fighting either. We were in contact until around Paddy’s Day and then we had a row and haven’t talked since. It is what it is. We are just two different people.”

Aoife (35) has been living with her parents since Christmas; according to Mark, he continues to reside in the home they once shared on the grounds of the K Club in Co. Kildare.

He admits that Conor and others knew the relationship had broken down long ago.

“We spent time with each other for Christmas just for family’s sake, but since November, we have been living apart and that’s it.”

Aoife is one of Tony and Margaret McGregor’s three daughters; the other two are hairdresser Erin, a panto star, and pantomime actor Conor (33), who also appeared on RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars.

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Over ten years ago, Aoife, a makeup artist, and Mark connected through acquaintances and clicked right immediately.

When the pair decided to get married on New Year’s Eve 2016, Mark got down on one knee before a helicopter arrived and took the happy couple to the opulent Powerscourt hotel in County Wicklow to celebrate.

Aoife is well-known to the general public thanks to her dramatic altercation with her dog groomer, which gained notoriety after she lost her cool and yelled, “the neck of ye.”

Mark opted not to remark on that audiotape, but he has a generous heart regarding his split-up wife.

“Let her move on and be happy and have a baby,” he insists. “I don’t want to have a baby.”

“It was cool at the start when we were together and then got married and all. Then you realize I’m a bit older than her. There’s a 10-year gap between us.”

“I wanted to live a simple life, and she spends most of her time traveling the world minding Conor’s kids with Dee, so we were mainly apart for most of the year – which put a strain on her marriage.”

Since serving time for cannabis dealing, Mark has altered his life and now works as a mini-digger operator.

On February 16, 2009, Garda stormed his residence. Officers searched the premises and found two kilos of cannabis herb, a street worth €40,000.

Mark Elliott and  Aoife McGregor Divorced
Mark Elliott and  Aoife McGregor Divorced

At Dublin Circuit Court the following June, Mark was accused of possessing the substance with the intent to sell and provide it.

He was given a cumulative sentence of six years in prison for the raid. However, two years of the sentence were postponed, and in June 2013, Mark was allowed to leave Wheatfield Prison after receiving a 25% remission.

“It’s’ Mark Elliot, the drug dealer and he was ‘convicted and sentenced in Wheatfield,'” fumes Mark about coverage of him previously. “I live in the K Club and all my neighbors know me and know I’m a good bloke. What happened was in the past.”

Mark admits that to travel to Las Vegas to watch McGregor fight, he lied on his American immigration documents about not having any records.

He occasionally flew over on Conor’s private aircraft to go out with the athlete.

However, Mark was one of more than 50 McGregor supporters who were refused entry to the US four years ago by US immigration officers at Dublin Airport, who viewed them as persona non grata.

Aoife, a fashionista, resides in Los Angeles with Conor, his fiancée Dee Devlin, and their three children. She has been displaying her new life on Instagram lately.

In recent posts, the blonde made hints that she and Mark had broken up.

“Swapped the Diamond on my Finger for Diamonds on my shoes @machandmach till death do us part,” Aoife wrote in a snap of a new pair of stilettos.

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And in her most recent picture, Aoife showed off her stunning figure as she posed for a black-and-white snap.

“I ain’t looking back…but here’s a throwback,” she captioned the post.

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