Missing Texas Tanner Hoang’s Car Was Recovered 100 Miles From College With a Gas Station Sighting

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the car belonging to missing Texas A&M student Tanner Hoang was discovered in an Austin parking lot.

On Thursday, DPS and police were processing the car and conducting an investigation, but the 22-year-old has yet to be located. Law police did not expressly disclose the location of the abandoned vehicle.

The find came a day after investigators learned that his automobile had driven through Elgin on Friday, a little over an hour after stopping in Caldwell for gas. Family and friends pleaded with the public to continue hunting for Tanner in a Facebook post.

Around 11 am on December 16, Tanner’s roommates last saw him at their residence on Colgate Drive in College Station.

On Friday, when they were in town for a graduation ceremony, he vanished before meeting them for lunch, according to the information posted by his family on social media. Around 8:30 am, his father texted him, and Tanner read it before turning off his phone.

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The family claimed they made the trip to College Station from the Dallas region to witness Tanner’s graduation, but when he vanished, they discovered he had failed to meet the prerequisites. They verified his absence at Friday’s commencement exercises in a statement from the university.

Missing Tanner Hoang’s Car Was Recovered 100 Miles From College With a Gas Station Sighting

Following a recent gas station sighting, a MISSING student’s automobile was located 100 miles from his university’s campus. Even though Tanner Hoang, 22, went missing nearly a week ago and his car was found in Austin, he is still unaccounted for.

Tanner was last seen on December 16 in a College Station apartment building. The Texas A&M student hasn’t been heard from since, and his family started to worry when he didn’t show up for a graduation meal with them.

Texas law police announced Thursday that his car had been discovered in an Austin parking lot.

Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety said they were looking for evidence inside the car but could find no sign of the missing student. Tanner was spotted at a Caldwell gas station on Friday, according to images and video that also surfaced on Thursday, according to KAGS-TV.

Hours before the automobile was discovered, his mother sent an appeal to the public.

According to a post by Alisa Hoang on a Facebook page devoted to finding her son, “families are preparing for Christmas travel, so we are asking everyone to please continue to be on the lookout for Tanner’s silver car.”

The heartbroken mom shared a Facebook post on Thursday saying: “God’s words [have] been a balm to this weary soul.”

“I pray his words can bring someone else going through their struggles some comfort and peace….”

In town on Friday to witness Tanner’s graduation, his family was startled to learn that he did not fulfill the prerequisites. The university stated that he was not scheduled to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Around 8.30 am, Tanner’s father texted him, and he read it before the missing student turned off his phone.


Earlier this week, Tanner’s family made available security images showing his car traveling westbound on the road close to the university. He can be seen in the footage leaving a Shell station in the neighborhood of Caldwell after filling up with petrol.

ABN, Amber Alert Chuck Fleeger of Brazos Valley previously stated that the missing student “could be anywhere” if they had a full tank of gas.

“We can assume that we understand why a person is missing and what they’re thinking,” he said.

“But until you find them and verify the circumstances, it’s essential that people remain vigilant, that we continue to watch out, that we do everything.”

tanner hoang missing texas a&m
tanner hoang missing texas a&m

Tanner’s family has reiterated that all they want is for him to come home, even though the reasons for his absence are still unknown.

“We want him back home with us,” Tanner’s uncle Tuan Hoang told KHOU 11.

“We ask everybody to continue to pray, believe in the power of prayer, and ask God to bring Tanner back to us.”

Tanner’s family has been looking for him since he vanished, but sadly, they have had no luck. He is reported as being about 175 pounds, 6 feet tall, with brown eyes and hair.

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The College Station Police Department encourages anyone who knows his whereabouts to get in touch. Tanner’s family only wants him to hear one message as the search continues.

“Just let him know his family loves him, his extended family, that God loves him; there’s nothing he has done that would keep us from loving him,” said Tuan.

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