Who is Credence in Fantastic Beasts 3? The Secrets of Dumbledore Reveal

Who is Credence in Fantastic Beasts 3? Gellert Grindelwald claims that he is, but with the arrival of Fantastic Beasts 3, we might finally know the young wizard’s ancestry. Is it true, then? And if that’s the case, how did he get into the wizarding realm as such a disturbed and lost soul?

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the most recent installment in the Harry Potter series, is currently playing in UK theatres. On April 15, 2022, the fantasy film will be shown in US theatres.

As you might have guessed from the title, Albus Dumbledore and his romantic and family relationships are heavily emphasized in the film. Therefore, the controversy over Credence’s ancestry is a heated topic among franchise devotees.

There will be spoilers from this point on, so if you haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts 3 yet, you might want to stop reading. Otherwise, continue reading to learn Credence Barebone’s real identity, the significance of Grindelwald’s disclosure, and what lies next for the young wizard.

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Who is Credence in Fantastic Beasts 3?

Yes is the apparent response to this query. Aurelius Dumbledore, the actual name of Credence Barebone, is Aberforth Dumbledore’s son. He is now technically Albus Dumbledore’s nephew.

However, it’s not relatively that easy. Let’s go back to the beginning of this revelation to see how Gellert Grindelwald learned that Credence was a Dumbledore.

The Obscurus, which has afflicted Credence, is the critical factor in everything. In the wizarding realm, an Obscurity would typically only live to be about ten years old. Credence must have originated from a mighty wizarding family because he is still alive. Grindelwald assembles this information and determines that Credence is a Dumbledore.

Who is Credence in Fantastic Beasts 3
Who is Credence in Fantastic Beasts 3

After Fantastic Beasts 2, Grindelwald discloses this to Credence to further brainwash the young wizard and weaken his will. He also implies that the Dumbledore family abandoned him. Knowing how strong he is and having Credence on his side, Grindelwald plans to use Credence to assassinate Albus Dumbledore.

Of course, some of Grindelwald’s disclosure is a lie. Although Credence is a member of the Dumbledore family, he was not left behind. In actuality, Leta Lestrange kidnapped him from Aberforth as a baby and taught him about the evil aspects of magic.

By the time Fantastic Beasts 3 is over, the truth is revealed, and Credence may now accept his status as Aurelius Dumbledore and be with his father once more. Will that be enough to prevent the Obscurus from harming him? And will he contribute to Grindelwald’s eventual demise? We believe so, but the solutions won’t be revealed until Fantastic Beasts 4 emerges.

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At the movie’s end, Aberforth and Credence get together

To track down Grindelwald and attend the International Confederation of Wizards meeting, Aberforth flies to Bhutan with the rest of the team.

When he arrives, he can meet up with Credence/Aurelius again. However, Grindelwald is betrayed by Credence/Aurelius, who informs the crowd that the qilin who selected him is dead and has been enchanted by the evil wizard.

The two also had a brief conversation reminiscent of one of the “Harry Potter” series’ most famous quotes. Aberforth responds, “Always,” when Aurelius inquires whether he has ever thought of him.

Severus Snape first spoke the phrase in the eighth and final movie of the series. He responds, “Always,” when Dumbledore inquires if he is still in love with Lily, Harry’s mother, after all this time.

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