50 Migrants Were Dropped Off on Christmas Eve in Front of Kamala Harris’ Home

A powerful winter storm has swept across the United States over the Christmas holidays, with temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius.

On Christmas Eve, three buses from Texas left immigrants and children outside the official residence of U.S. Vice President Harrison Harris during the shallow temperature night. It is believed to be the work of Texas Governor Abbott. The White House condemned Abbott’s move as “a cruel and disgraceful stunt.”

50 Migrants Were Dropped Off on Christmas Eve
50 Migrants Were Dropped Off on Christmas Eve

CNN reported that on the night of Christmas Eve, Washington’s temperature was below zero degrees Celsius. That night, three buses from Texas arrived at Kamala Harris’s official residence in Washington and put the immigrants on board. Drop it here.

According to the pictures captured by the media and circulated on the Internet, these immigrants were wrapped in a campfire outside He Jinli’s mansion to keep warm. They were very thinly dressed, and some even wore only shorts.

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Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network (Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network) volunteer Fisher (Amy Fischer) said that they have been receiving these immigrants from the Republican-controlled cities since the spring and are also preparing for this event.

Fisher said the latest immigrants sent from Texas to Washington included asylum seekers from Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia. They were initially expected to be sent to New York, but due to the cold weather in New York and traffic congestion along the road, they were transferred to Washington instead.

The outside world believes that the Texas state government also did this operation. Abdullah Hasan, assistant White House press secretary, slammed Texas Governor Abbott for abandoning migrants and children on a roadside night in subfreezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities, “This is a cruel, dangerous and shameful gimmick.”

Republican governors such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have begun to use buses or planes to send immigrants from their states to Washington or other Democrats in the North this year.

The conditions and cities in power protested the Biden administration’s immigration policies, a move that was even appreciated by some radicals. However, Abbott and the Texas state government have not yet confirmed whether the state government carried out the operation.

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Two weeks ago, Texas Governor Abbott admitted that Texas did send two buses carrying immigrants to the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington on the 15th, which surprised the local volunteers because they were not ready to receive these immigrants.

Volunteers said that since Abbott began sending migrant buses to Washington in April, volunteers have been receiving two buses full of immigrants every Thursday near Union Station. But the bus on the 15th stopped at the Naval Observatory about 3 kilometers away, closer to He Jinli’s official residence.

Abbott said at the time that Kamala Harris claimed the U.S. border was “secure” and denied a crisis, “so we’re sending immigrants into her backyard.”

Final Lines

On Saturday night, one of the coldest Christmas Eves in the capital on record, more than 50 migrants came close to the residence of US Vice-President Kamala Harris, according to a mutual help organization.

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