‘1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton’s Fans Can’t Believe New Photos Of Her

Fans are accustomed to seeing Amy and Tammy Slaton, who together weigh 1,000 pounds, in a particular way on the show. On the TLC program, both women often don’t wear much makeup and rather casual clothing. A fan recently came upon an old photograph of the renowned sisters, in which they were hardly recognizable.

Photos Of Tammy And Amy In Their Goth Days Before ‘1000-lb Sisters’

A recent Reddit fan post showed Tammy and Amy looking significantly different. Tammy had black, mid-length hair, and both women wore dark eye makeup for a more grunge appearance in the picture.

Amy Slaton New Photos
                                       Amy Slaton New Photos

One commenter said, “They remind me of those young people on old true crime shows who kill their parents because they won’t allow them to see or don’t like their lover.” “I was about to say something. Serial killer vibes!” exclaimed another.

One person commented, “Apparently, the girls were both huge Twilight fans back in the day.” “Amy had listed it as her favorite thing in one of her old dating profiles. That makes sense. Some fans hoped Tammy and Amy would revive the style.

Another individual said, “Feeling the hairstyles compared to present look!” Amy ought to return to it, one user said. Another person said, “They’re slaying this look.” “I adore Tammy’s hair color and the makeup, especially. They ought to revive this look.

The Development Of Tammy And Amy In “1000-lb Sisters” Season 3

Tammy and Amy have not had a fantastic season. Tammy had a terrific start to the season, shedding 60 pounds in rehabilitation, but she checked out early and has already put some weight back on.

Amy has also had difficulties. She has struggled to get back on track, eat well, and exercise since having her son, Gage. Chris Combs, the sisters’ brother, has put on weight since season 2.

He was initially on course to reduce enough weight to undergo bariatric surgery. But he could not move around sufficiently to work out after having a boil on his leg removed.

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Is Tisa The Answer?

Tammy’s lack of motivation has been the most challenging obstacle in her weight loss endeavor. Amy has been responsible for Tammy’s care. The Slaton sisters recruited Tisa, an at-home nurse who could assist Tammy in caring for herself, to address both of those problems.

Tisa has pushed Tammy to take more initiative for herself ever since she joined the show. She tried convincing Tammy to walk to the mailbox during her first few days on the job.

Tisa said, “I want her to try. But I believe she has reached a stage where she is merely afraid, and perhaps a bit humiliated if she becomes fatigued. However, she must exercise some movement.

When Tammy resisted, Tisa made an effort to inspire her. If you believe you cannot do something, Tisa replied, “I think you can, and I know you can. If we go to the pool, what are you going to do? You’ll have to leave and go for a walk. We should get ready for that walk right away.

Tisa has encouraged Tammy to use her walker more frequently since she started working there and has even taken her to a water aerobics class. Therefore, Tisa might be the key to getting Tammy to move around more and Amy to have enough spare time to work out and eat well.

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