How is Elsa Related to John Dutton?

In that case, it’s fortunate that the American neo-western created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson had a predecessor. When it premiered in 2018, the show quickly gained a devoted fan base because of the stellar acting of Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, and others.

Recently, viewers were given the opportunity to go back in time to the same year and follow the Dutton family as they traveled from Texas to Montana to establish the Yellowstone ranch. There have been many questions raised since it first aired, so let’s take a go at answering one of them. Where does Elsa Dutton fit into John Dutton’s life?

Who is Elsa Dutton to John Dutton?

Elsa Dutton is the sister of Audie Rick’s John Dutton Sr. However, she is John Dutton’s great aunt (Kevin Costner, Yellowstonerelative). Considering the connections between the two shows, we learn that Tim McGraw’s 1883 protagonist, James Dillard Dutton, is related to the show’s current protagonist, John Dutton (Costner).

The series is narrated by Elsa Dutton, James’ eldest daughter; her siblings are John Dutton and Spencer Dutton. According to The Cinemaholic, Elsa is John’s blood relative since her parents, James (played by Jeff Daniels) and Margaret (Faith Hill), were the first patriarch and matriarch of the Dutton family to go to Montana.

In the Yellowstone books, the pair is listed as John’s great-grandparents. Elsa is John’s (Costner) great aunt since John is the grandchild of James and Margaret’s son John.

How is Elsa Related to John Dutton
How is Elsa Related to John Dutton?

Who Plays Elsa Dutton in 1883?

Isabel May portrays the role of Elsa in the film. Age of Summer (2018) marked the film debut of the 21-year-old American actress (Missing Poster Girl). It was revealed that she is also familiar with the concept of prequels. She also made her television debut that year in the role of Veronica Duncan on Young Sheldon, an offshoot of The Big Bang Theory.

In addition, her performance as Alexa in the Netflix comedy Alexa & Katie (Katie Cooper) is her most notable acting achievement to date. Let’s Scare Julie (Taylor) (2019) and Run Hide Fight (2020) are two films in which she appears (Zoe Hull). In the future, she will also appear in the upcoming romantic comedy I Want You Back (Leighton), which will debut on Amazon Prime Video in February, and the action film The Moon & Back (Lydia).

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You Are Elsa and I Want You to Be Elsa

Isabel told Town and Country Magazine that she originally tried out for a different part and even a different production. “I tested for something else, another one of [Taylor Sheridan’s] projects, and I was completely wrong for the character, but he kept bringing me in. That didn’t go through obviously, and he sent me a letter and said, ‘I will find the role for you.’”

She went on to say, “I thought, okay, well, that’s nice, but that’s probably six years from now or something. I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever. And then two weeks later, he called and said, I haven’t written it yet, but you are Elsa and I want you to be Elsa.” Making sense now that viewers have met the character.

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Last Lines

Then it’s a good thing that Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s American neo-western has a forerunner. Starring Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley among others, the 2018 series instantly found an enthusiastic audience.

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