Hyunri, The Actress From ‘Pachinko’ Marries Keita Machida

Hyunri, a Korean-Japanese actress, recently wed Japanese actor Keita Machida. Hyunri and Japanese actor Keita Machida reportedly tied the knot on Christmas Eve, as announced by her agency Truth Agency on the 26th.

The couple dated for five years before getting married, and they appeared together in two films: Cinema Fighters – The Place of Destination (2017) and Life as a Woman (2018). The actress stated, “I will study hard to become a great actor, and I hope to serve as a conduit for cultural exchange between our two countries.”

I plan to keep working as a leading actor in films of all genres, including Korean ones. Hyunri’s parents are Korean, however, she was born in Tokyo. She first appeared in the public eye in Lee Jung’s music video for “Fever”(literal title) in 2006, and in March of this year, she starred as Kiyo, a young girl who borrowed money from Han Soo (Lee Min Hogfather)’s (Jung Woong In) in the Apple TV+ original series Pachinko.

Kimi wa petto (2017), Wheel of Fortune, and Fantasy are a few of her other works. Keita Machida’s contributions to Cherry Magic! have made him a household name in South Korea. If you stay a virgin for thirty years, you’ll be a wizard.

Hyunri, The Actress From 'Pachinko' Marries Keita Machida
Hyunri, The Actress From ‘Pachinko’ Marries Keita Machida

Right-wing celebrity made an appearance in an anti-Korean program airing in 2019 that dealt with reparations for South Korean forced labour.

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