Was Johnny Mathis Gay? The Singer Came Out as Gay After Years of Secrecy

Love ballad singer Johnny Mathis is a legendary figure in America. With songs like Chances Are, It’s Not for Me to Say, Misty, Twelfth of Never, and Wonderful, Mathis is hailed as the voice of romance. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, and Misty are all wonderful.

He has recorded nearly 80 albums throughout a six-decade career and has won numerous accolades, including a Grammy lifetime achievement award. Learn more about the renowned musician, including his s*xual orientation, here.

Who is  Johnny Mathis?

The 30th of September 1935 saw the birth of John Royce Mathis in Gilmer, Texas. He was one of Clem Mathis and Mildred Boyd’s seven children, the middle child. Mathis was born in Texas, but his family moved to San Francisco when he was little, and he grew up there.

Was Johnny Mathis Gay
Was Johnny Mathis, Gay

Despite being African-American, Johnny Mathis’ music was primarily liked by Caucasians, who made up most of his audiences. He has supported civil and LGBT rights throughout his career, albeit not as vehemently as some of his peers. He fervently thinks that regardless of race, s*xual orientation, or gender, all people are fundamentally the same.

Is He Gay or Married – Who is His partner?

Gay person Johnny Mathis. He acknowledged that he had become acclimated to living a homos*xual lifestyle in an interview with Us Weekly in 1982. After making that remark, he received death threats, so he was obliged to keep that part of his life private.

Mathis can now openly disclose that he is gay, thanks to the advancement of society. He claimed that from a young age, his parents and close acquaintances were aware of his s*xual orientation, but he kept it a secret to safeguard his career.

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Johnny Mathis’s dad was shocked when he came out as gay

John Royce Mathis enjoyed enormous popularity in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. After Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, he is the third-highest-selling artist of the 20th century. He is a gay man who has long concealed his s*xual orientation.

Numerous Mathis albums were certified gold or platinum. Despite being usually referred to as a romantic singer, he has also recorded songs in the genres of traditional pop, Brazilian, Spanish, soul, Rhythm and Blues, soft rock, show tunes, Tin Pan Alley, blues, country, and even some disco.

Some of the singer’s male and female contemporaries have been romantically linked to the angelic-voiced vocalist. The list also has Mitch Miller, Regina Bell, Estelle Bennett, and George Avakian, the executive at Columbia Records who signed him (the Columbia Records producer who produced some of his biggest hit songs).

He has neither confirmed nor disputed this, though. He loves to maintain his privacy, which he picked up from his father. We are aware of no partners for Johnny Mathis at the moment. In addition, he has never been married and has never had children. He claims he does not regret doing this because, thanks to his siblings, he has numerous nephews and nieces to take care of.

 “Homos*xuality is a way of life that I’ve grown accustomed to,” he told Us Magazine in 1982. He could have added more to the statement, but he chose not to, and the magazine totally retracted what he said. After some time, he eventually disclosed his s*xual orientation.

In a 2014 interview with Express, Mathis acknowledged that the homophobic death threats he received after coming out as gay caused him to cease marketing his shows. He stated:

“A few people in the Southern states didn’t like it. I was in no real danger but when you’re young it’s difficult to get over. It doesn’t bother me at all now and it’s not even a big deal any more which is wonderful but I learned to isolate myself from negative things.”

The now 82-year-old musician confessed last year that he is still a kid at heart and doesn’t care what other people think or say when expressing himself in a conversation with Nancy Giles on CBS Sunday Morning. “I come from San Francisco. It’s not unusual to be gay in San Francisco.”


His dad allegedly had no qualms with homos*xuality, in contrast to the attitudes around it at the time. Therefore his life has been excellent. He claimed that although everyone else was worried about the repercussions of disclosing his s*xual preference and how it might affect his job, his father was unconcerned.

“I was comfortable with my s*xuality,” he said. “I talked with my dad when I was about 16, 17. I said, ‘People are talking about me, that I’m gay.’ He said, ‘Son, I’m your dad. I know these things.”

Mathis said, “he was pretty confident as he knew he could sing and knew that there were many other people in the same situation. He also said, when asked about how things are regarding accepting people as they are – as opposed to in 1982 – that it is much better now, thanks to young people who embrace new things.”

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