Who is Tony Romo Married To? Is She Co-Founder?

Tony Romo retired as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in 2017, but the four-time Pro Bowler has remained in the public eye as an NFL analyst. Candice Crawford Romo, Tony’s wife, is a sports journalist as well, which is something that fans might not realise.

They initially crossed paths when Candice was working as an intern with the Dallas Cowboys. They started going out in 2009, tied the knot in 2011, and now they have three kids. Tony told PEOPLE in 2012, “I think that it’s crucial if you marry a fantastic woman who knows the rigors of someone in athletics.” “To find someone like that was a stroke of luck for me.

She does a wonderful job as a mother and a spouse.” In that case, who is Tony Romo’s wife? Don’t stop reading to find out how Candice Crawford met and married her husband.

She Studied Broadcast Journalism At the University of Missouri

Candice, a native Texan, attended the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in journalism. She interned at the Dallas CBS station KTVT while she was in college, where she covered the Cowboys for The Blitz and worked as a reporter and sports anchor for the local NBC affiliate KOMU-TV. And she also contributed to Midwest Sports Fans, a popular sports blog on the internet.

Who is Tony Romo Married To
Who is Tony Romo Married To

Candice got a job covering high school athletics in Dallas for CW33 TV when she graduated. In addition to hosting Special Edition, a weekend sports show about the Dallas Cowboys, she also aired Up All Night, a feature about local nightlife.

Her Parents were Huge Cowboys Fans

They started dating while she was still a college junior and still lived with her Cowboys-obsessed parents. When Candice’s boyfriend Tony came to pick her up, she sent them all to the bathroom so they wouldn’t humiliate her.

The eldest brother, Chace, revealed on The Rich Eisen Show that Candice didn’t want their parents, who are “huge Cowboys fans,” living with the family. “My mom kept my dad and mom from me. She had no idea Tony was on his way to pick her up… As a result of being caught off guard by this, she has resorted to shoving my parents to the back of the lineā€”in their master bathroom.”

Her Brother is Actor Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford, Candice’s older brother, is a popular actor who has been in the CW show Gossip Girl as Nate Archibald and in the Amazon Prime series The Boys. But the lifetime Cowboys fans still found Tony to be as charismatic and charming as they had when they first met him, star struck or not.

In 2020, when appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chace commented, “I grew up in Dallas, big admirer.” “Joining their circle of pals felt incredibly unreal. It’s true that my family and I once posed for embarrassing holiday photos in front of the fireplace wearing Cowboys Starter jackets and white turtlenecks. After he joined our family, it was much more tense to watch the football games together.”

She and Tony Got Married in 2011 During the NFL Lockout

On Candice’s 24th birthday in 2010, Tony proposed to her. Later, on May 28th, 2011, they married the knot at Arlington Hall, a historic home in Dallas’s uptown.

A total of 600 guests were present, including current and former Cowboys players such as Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin, as well as team owner Jerry Jones, who had to get special permission to attend his star quarterback’s wedding because owners and players weren’t allowed to have contact during the NFL lockout.

Someone involved said it was “excellent” to PEOPLE. Everything was perfect, from the all-white ceremony to the lively afterparty with fantastic music handpicked by Tony.

She Loves Being a Boy Mom

Hawkins McCoy, Rivers McCoy, and Jones McCoy are the names of Candice and Tony’s three boys. In addition, Candice’s mother told PEOPLE that she is pleased to be the sole woman in her family. They would have welcomed a child girl because “surely it would have been unique and unusual to have a little girl running around,” she remarked.

“On the other hand, we adore our sons, and I take great pride in being a “boy parent.” To have active sons is the nicest part of being a mom of boys. Our activities, whether they include swordplay or hoops, keep us on the move.”

She’s a Former Miss Missouri

After competing in the Miss Texas Teen pageant in 2003 and 2005, Candice won the title of Miss Missouri USA in 2008. Candice, a junior in college at the time, attributed her victory to the skills she had honed in the broadcast journalism program she was enrolled in.

She told the Columbia Tribune, “Getting up on stage in a swimsuit is not easy,” and that her work as a reporter for KOMU gave her “great practice for this pageant” by helping her hone her interviewing skills and boost her self-assurance.

Who is Tony Romo Married To
Who is Tony Romo Married To

She’s a Co-Founder of Hawk+Sloane

Since launching Hawk+Sloane in 2016 with her middle school best friend Hollie Siglin, Candice has added “entrepreneur” to her list of many titles. They sell a variety of essential oil sprays with clever names like “Stinky Spray” and “Sleepy Spray” to help mothers deal with common parenting challenges like diaper stench and sleep anxiety, respectively, and “Scary Spray” to ward off nightmares.

How does Candice, a mother of three, manage to run a successful business while still caring for her family? In an interview with PEOPLE, Candice praised Hawk+Sloane for allowing her to work around her family’s obligations. With my best friend by my side, it’s never a chore.

She and Tony Costarred in a Super Bowl Commercial

Their 2021 Super Bowl commercial for Skechers included both of them. The ad features the Romo family as they demonstrate their household routine, including making mile-high sandwiches and Tony’s commute in his monster truck.

Candice posted a blooper reel from the ad to Instagram just before Super Bowl LV was played in Tampa, Florida. She tweeted, “These #marriagegoals are so much better than the Big Game.”

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