Who Won Too Hot To Handle Season 4… What Was Their Financial Prize?

For season 4, Too Hot To Handle boasts a new set of champions! Fans have been watching the riveting episodes since Netflix released them on December 7—the first set of five—and December 14—the next batch.

Many singletons underwent their fair share of trials to determine whether deeper connections could be forged in the retreat, like Seb Melrose & Kayla Richart and, Jawahir Khalifa & Nick Kici.

Some singles made headway in their quests for love thanks to All-Seeing Lana’s regulations, which require candidates to refrain from se*ual activity or the prize money will be reduced. But who emerged triumphant from Too Hot To Handle season 4? What amount of money did they receive as the cash prize?

Who Won Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

Too Hot To Handle season four champions are Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici! Lana made some severe eliminations in the retreat before we learned who the winners of season 4 were.

Who Won Too Hot To Handle Season 4.
Who Won Too Hot To Handle Season 4

She first performs a double-elimination to remove both Sophie, who becomes distant after the Creed incident, and Ethan, who shows no signs of progressing toward forging a deeper bond.

After lying to Flavia and the newcomer Imogen because he is involved in a love triangle, Creed is later sent home. The two couples Lana ultimately decided to include in the competition were Kayla & Seb and Jawahir & Nick, who became closer to one another during the retreat.

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As a result of the votes cast by their fellow competitors, Jawahir and Nick were declared the season 4 winners and received a share of the $89,000 (£73,500) prize pool.

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