Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie?

Hardin flies to London with Tessa to attend his mother’s wedding, but upon his arrival, he discovers that she has been having an affair with her future husband.  Christian is the best friend of Hardin’s dad Ken, and he is also the guy Trish is having an affair with. Christian and Hardin talk after the wedding, and Christian admits that he is Hardin’s biological father. Christian’s pregnant girlfriend, Kimberly, tells Tessa as well.

Tessa anticipates that Hardin would want her help, but he destroys his mother’s home in a fit of anger. Hardin is rescued by Christian, but thereafter he begins drinking excessively and begging Tessa to leave him alone.

Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie
Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie

Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie?

Tessa returns to Seattle and has a conversation with Kimberly, informing her that she is leaving for New York and starting again. Ken and Hardin discuss how Hardin’s mother, Trish, has been keeping a secret from them both regarding Hardin’s biological father, Christian. Ken insists that he will always consider Hardin to be his son, no matter what the facts may be. Tessa, meantime, sees an OB-GYN who informs her that, given her health history, she has zero chance of becoming pregnant.

Tessa is devastated by the news that she can never have children. She returns to Christian’s place, where she begins drinking heavily out of obvious distress. When Hardin calls her, he can see that she is uneasy. When he comes into her passed out by the pool, he takes her home.

Tessa announces the news of her pregnancy the next morning. Tessa is frustrated because she feels Hardin doesn’t feel sorry for her. He expresses regret to Tessa, and the two make up.

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Do Hardin and Tessa Get Back Together?

They go back to Landon’s house and settle down to catch up on their new lives. Hardin is having a nightmare on the couch when Tessa comes in. She comforts him as he drifts off to sleep by lying down next to him on the sofa. Tessa is disappointed the next day when Hardin is not there after she finishes her shift. Hardin catches up to her as she makes her way back to the house and they make the trip back together.

As Tessa and Hardin prepare supper together that evening, Tessa remarks that Hardin appears “different.” Tessa eventually tracks out a transcript of Hardin’s book and reads it cover to cover a few days later. Tessa confronts him when he returns from his meeting, accusing him of misusing her life and stories. During their argument, Hardin says he’s sorry since he always intended for the manuscript to remain unpublished.

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Will There Be an After Part 5?

A bidding war has broken out for his book, he says, but Tessa is still angry that he violated her privacy without asking. According to Hardin, their narrative teaches us about mercy and compassion. Despite her best efforts, she cannot forgive him, and she breaks off communication with him. Hardin gets a book contract, and his work is a huge hit with readers.

Hardin is going to a book reading event in New York, which Tessa finds out about. She walks in on Hardin and his publisher making eye contact. Hardin notices Tessa leaving without saying goodbye. A “To be Continued” screen appears at the conclusion of the film.

Last Lines

Hardin and Tessa go to London to attend his mother’s wedding, but while there, he learns that Tessa has been having an affair with the man she is marrying.

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