Why Did Jeannie Mai Take Divorce From Freddy Harteis?

Jeannie Mai, who has been in love with rapper Jeezy for a while, recently went through a grueling divorce from her spouse of ten years, Freddy Harteis. The former daytime talk show host, now a fashion expert, opened out about her experience.

Despite the difficulty, she has emerged from it more potent than ever. When their divorce was finalized, Mai left with a new sense of freedom, a murderous, vengeful body, and her general peace.

Jeannie Mai And Freddy Harteis Divorced

In 2007, Mai and Harteis got married. On the Style Network, Mai was a fashion consultant and the host of her makeover program. As a “passionate outdoorsman” with a ranch in Colorado and a role as a hunter on his television show, The Hollywood Hunter, Harteis characterized himself.


Jeannie Mai Divorce
                                                     Jeannie Mai Divorce

Mai was outspoken about wanting no children, which she later said started to affect her marriage.

The presenter stated, “I was pretty upfront that I probably would not have children before we married, mainly because I’ve never felt that. And as he’s called older, he appears to want children and has made that claim publicly.

When Mai was sighted without her wedding band, leading to speculation that the two had called it quits, she made a tearful revelation about her plan to file for divorce on The Real.

He is still the best man I know, and I mean that in the truest sense. He’s like my dad, so I married him,” she said. “There was never any lying, treachery, cheating, or anything like that in our 13 years together,” she said. “He’s incredibly loyal, so sensitive, so hilarious, a wonderful guy.”

Their decision of Mai not to have children is said to be the cause of the divorce. On the show, she once said that she had thought about freezing her eggs but finally decided against it. On her official divorce document, she referred to “irreconcilable differences.”

Within a year of their separation, Harteis fathered a daughter while they were going through their divorce. Later, Mai referred to the timing as strange and hinted that she thought he had started dating someone else while they were still together.

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Jeannie Mai and Freddy Hartei’s Divorce Settlement 

Throughout the filming of The Real, Mai sobbed multiple times throughout her divorce. When asked in an emotional portion what she wanted she have known sooner rather than later, Mai said she wished she had never married her estranged ex.

jeannie mai divorce
                                                   jeannie mai divorce

It’s strange, Mai said, “since he used to say often that you genuinely don’t know a person until they don’t get what they want. But I never thought he’d be the one to show me that.

Mai went on to talk more about how Harteis allegedly asked for money from her after their breakup. She also acknowledged that she should have left their connection sooner and that she never listened to her instincts throughout that time.

Nevertheless, Mai vowed to grow from her mistakes and not become resentful by focusing on her health, wellness, and rehabilitation. When the decision was made to divorce the marriage, eventually, it worked to her advantage.

The Blast said in January 2019 that Mai kept the contents of their combined $1 million residence in Sherman Oaks, California, including all the furnishings and artwork. She also received her belongings, including her clothes, jewelry, personal items, and various bank accounts.

Mai Dream Inc., her investment in her entertainment firm, and all money she earned after her split from Harteis were all awarded to her with the help of star lawyer Marci Levine, who represented her.

With three automobiles and numerous bank accounts, Harteis made off with them. Since there was no prenuptial agreement, Mai gave Harteis a one-time, private payment. Neither side was required to provide spousal support to the other.

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