Kevin Costner And Whitney Houston Relationship ‘One True Love’

The Bodyguard, where Whitney Houston made her acting debut, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Houston was propelled to heights in the film named the best date-night movie of the year. She co-starred with Kevin Costner, who specifically chose her for the part. Recently, Costner bragged about his romance with the singer.

Kevin Costner Whitney Houston Relationship

Costner led Houston during the entire filming process. Houston’s first film part had great expectations. Thus he was aware of his anxiety. But he was confident that she could succeed. When the movie was being filmed, Houston was only 29 years old.

She was a brilliant, street-smart girl. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Costner remembered, “I thought she could handle the character, but she wasn’t sure she could handle it. When she was forced to make a choice, I witnessed her trust in me, and we have had it ever since. She’d look wonderful and be amazing. That was my promise to her,” he continued with a smile.

Additionally, Costner had a significant part in the soundtrack song “I Will Always Love You,” which was a No. 1 success for Houston and stayed 14 weeks at the top of the charts. Despite the producers’ initial opposition, Houston singing the opener without background music was Costner’s idea.

In a separate interview with ET before this year’s SAG Awards, Costner remarked, “I don’t think we’ll ever forget when that little song came out, that she just exploded up.” “The world of music was forever changed when she performed the first portion of it a cappella. We saw her in a scene in that movie that we’ll never forget, and I believe that’s what can happen when a movie is at its greatest.

The film ‘Intrigued’ By Whitney Houston

When he became involved with the project, Costner knew he wanted Houston to play the lead. He rigorously investigated Houston and would not accept a no. Finally, Houston consented to at least carefully review the script.

Kevin Costner And Whitney Houston Relationship
                                            Kevin Costner And Whitney Houston’s Relationship

Houston once said in an interview, “I got the news that he wanted me to do this film and that he didn’t want anyone else to do it save me.” “I was intrigued. Why can’t someone else make this movie, I asked myself.

Houston agreed, but she had to wrap up her promotional tour for “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” her third studio album. Costner stated, “We delayed the film for a year to wait for Whitney. He continued, “Whitney has this exotic quality, this thing about her, and boys fall in love with her.

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Houston had to convince the film’s producers that she was worthy of the part despite her notoriety. We were required to screen-test her, said Costner. “I didn’t think we needed to, but I thought she could handle the character in this movie, so I gave it to her. There aren’t many Whitneys around.

The Vocalist Significantly Impacted Another Co-Star

Houston won over more than just Costner on the set. Houston’s son in the film, DeVaughn Nixon, has a crush on the singer of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” In an interview with People Magazine, he recently discussed his experience filming alongside the icon. He claimed, “Whitney was my guardian [on set].” We had a tight relationship.

Kevin Costner And Whitney Houston Relationship
                                        Kevin Costner And Whitney Houston’s Relationship

But he did get Houston distraught one day. His best recollections were of mom reading him Bible passages between breaks and singing to him, with Nixon calling it a “wonderful experience.”

He recalled telling her, “You have such a great voice,” therefore, he didn’t want her to smoke. “So I disposed of her pack of cigarettes. She was furious when I flushed it down the toilet, but she couldn’t be angry with me because I was a child.

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