Every NFL Fan is Sending Up Prayers for Terry Bradshaw on Monday

On Monday, everyone in the NFL is hoping that legendary quarterback Terry Bradshaw will be okay. Bradshaw has been through a lot of hard things in the last year. The Hall of Fame quarterback has had health problems, fought cancer, and now lost a close friend in a very sad way.

Franco Harris, a famous player for the Steelers, died suddenly this week. He had lived 72 years. Bradshaw said nice things about his longtime friend over the weekend. Everyone in the NFL is praying for Bradshaw and the rest of Franco’s grieving friends and family.

“Just a great man, great personality, big smile, great teammate… I’m going to miss him.” On Monday, people in the NFL are thinking about Bradshaw as he goes through this hard time.

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“I’m so sad of the passing of Franco Harris. I was 18 when that happened. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was amazing. My condolences of your friend!” wrote one fan.

“Terry I couldn’t of said it better that’s the great thing about friendship even though you don’t see each other as much as you want to pick off right where you left off even if it was months ago !” one fan added.

“Im so happy they had a special night a few weeks back. This loss really stings. Prayers to everyone impacted by Franco,” one fan added. “It’s dusty in here . Same as it was when I first heard the news about Franco. RIP 32,” another fan wrote.

Bradshaw and the rest of Franco’s loved ones are in our hearts and minds at this time.

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Questions People Usually Ask

How much money does Terry Bradshaw make?

Failure to Launch was his most significant work. Celebrity Net Worth says that Terry Bradshaw has a net worth of about $45 million.

Who gets the most money in the NFL?

There are a lot of quarterbacks on the list, and Tom Brady just moved to the top spot. Here are the 34 NFL players who have made the most money in the league’s history, as of the 2022 season and using data from Spotrac.com.

What is the number of dogs that Terry Bradshaw has?

There are eight dogs, two cats, two miniature donkeys, and two miniature goats.

Is Lacey Bradshaw adopted?

She is not Terry Bradshaw’s daughter by blood. Since 1999, she has been a member of the family. Terry took Lacey in after David Luttrell and Tammy Bradshaw broke up, but she treats her like her own daughter.

How much do NFL commentators get paid every year?

The National Football League is the highest level of the sport, and its announcers are paid well. Each season, the best announcers make more than $1 million.

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