What Did Douglas Egan Do? Texas Guy Charged With Assault And Illegal Photography

Douglas Egan, a 45-year-old Texas man, was detained on Saturday, December 24, after police say he threatened a woman with a pepper ball pistol as he fled the scene after allegedly taking unlawful photos of women in a Fort Worth mall’s women’s restroom.

According to The New York Post, the claimed event happened at Hulen Mall on Christmas Eve at 4:30. Egan was charged with using his cellphone to take improper photos of women inside the restroom stall. At the same time, he was allegedly disguised as a lady at the time of the event.

According to Fox News, Egan pulled the pepper ball pistol out of the bag when confronted by a woman in the restroom, startling onlookers who thought it was a gun.

When cops approached Egan outside the mall, he allegedly changed into men’s clothing. On allegations of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper video, he is currently being held by police. There were no alleged injuries in the incident.

Public Figures And Concerned Citizens Discuss The Arrest Of Douglas Egan

Joshua Johnson, a Fort Worth police corporal, detailed the specifics of the accusations made against Douglas Egan in a public statement. Johnson remarked:“(The female witness) noticed what she thought to be a cell phone coming from underneath the stall while (she) was using the restroom.”

What Did Douglas Egan Do?
                                                               What Did Douglas Egan Do?     

The following was stated: “The suspect then produced what seemed to be a gun and drew it out. He took it out of a backpack he was wearing, pointed it towards the first witness, and then kept running.”

Johnson claimed that Hulen Mall was put on lockdown due to the threat of what was initially thought to be a firearm to avoid a possible active shooter scenario. Authorities were concerned about the possibility of a handgun because the incident occurred just a few days after a fatal shooting at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

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Johnson continued by expressing gratitude to the onlookers who tried to stop Douglas Egan. He stated: “Thank you to the good Samaritans that intervened when they spotted a fight that they thought was inappropriate. To defend us, the community must become involved.”

What Did Douglas Egan Do?
                                                              What Did Douglas Egan Do?

Johnson also indicated that this wasn’t Egan’s first arrest, according to Meauwww. The suspect is a known serial predator charged with criminal indecency with a kid and indecent exposure in Dallas. He served seven years in prison before being freed earlier this year.

Johnson remarked: That someone would exploit someone when using the restroom for their gain is quite terrible. On a $30,000 bond, Douglas Egan is now being held at the Tarrant County Corrections Center.

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