Chelsea and Jo Koy’s Breakup: Why They Split Up?

The lifelong friends who started dating in 2021 and split up earlier this year, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy, were longstanding friends. The ex-couple announced their split in July 2022, and the comedian recently discussed the circumstances of their breakup in an interview. Handler recently addressed the state of their friendship following their breakup.

Chelsea clarified where she and Jo are now that their relationship is over on Brooke Shields’ podcast Now What? When discussing the same, she stated, “You get what I mean? There needs to be some accountability. Like, from him regarding what transpired, as it was absurd. We can’t possibly be buddies, in my opinion.”

Fans were devastated to learn of Handler and Koy’s breakup, but the comedian has now opened up about what went wrong. She explained why their relationship fell apart after only eleven months of dating on Brooke Shields’ podcast, saying, “Simply put, there were several behaviors on which we couldn’t agree.

Additionally, I felt I would have to give up on myself, which I suppose I could have done if I had been 20 or 25. I, however, was unwilling to do that.” She said, “I responded, “I’m not going to modify how I act to make you feel more at ease. I don’t do that.” Chelsea acknowledged that she saw it as a “forever relationship” as well.

Chelsea and Jo Koy's Breakup
                                                   Chelsea and Jo Koy’s Breakup

Chelsea and Jo Koy’s Split 

In a lengthy Instagram post published in July this year, Chelsea Handler stated that she and Koy had split up. She penned, “I wanted to tell you how much it meant to both of us that so many of you cared about our relationship.

How much meaning it still has? And how strongly I now think there is love for each of us.” In addition, Handler wrote that it wasn’t the end for them at the time “This is not the conclusion. It gives me comfort to know that I am still loved and that I still adore this man in the same manner that the sun and moon do. It’s a new beginning. ONE OF YOU IS DEPARTING. So please keep rooting for us both.”

Jo revealed that he and Handler were still “excellent friends” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July of this year, following the revelation of their separation. He declared, “I’ll always fight for her, and she’ll always fight for me. We’re going to win, and everybody wins.”

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How Did Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy Meet?

Lovitz reportedly introduced the pair and frequently collaborated on Handler’s late-night program Chelsea Lately between 2007 and 2014. For a number of the show’s episodes, Jo was a guest. The two appeared to have a tight bond during the time.

Chelsea and Jo Koy's Breakup
                                                         Chelsea and Jo Koy’s Breakup

Chelsea and Jo sparked dating Rumors in 2021

In 2021, Handler and Koy’s social media activity started to fuel relationship rumors. Koy’s Instagram videos featured Chelsea frequently, which led some viewers to believe the two were dating.

Jo also discussed spending time with her in one of their films and referred to it as “total pandemonium.” Koy also shared a video of their joint shopping excursion to support the relationship rumors.

Final Words

In July last year, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy announced their separation. The comedian recently opened out about their breakup, among other things, in an interview. Also, check Moira Opens Up About Breakup and Potentially Falling in Love Again

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