How Has Cher’s Plastic Surgery Affected Her Life?

Plastic surgery on Cher is hardly a secret. Millions of people worldwide adore and look up to the singer for reasons other than her honesty because she spreads a message of self-love and empowerment. You can’t help but talk about this self-described “poster girl for plastic surgery,” who has a reputation for being one of the most extravagant divas.

Cher has acknowledged having work done on various physical regions, but there are also a lot of strange rumors about how she “molded” herself. And we want to investigate what is and isn’t true. Having stated that, initially, even if she doesn’t require an introduction, let’s look at Cher’s life.

Cher's Plastic Surgery
                                                                Cher’s Plastic Surgery

Which Plastic Surgery Has Cher Undergone?

Cher’s alleged and verified plastic surgery treatments are provided below.

Boob Job 

Cher admits to breast augmentation. The results disappointed her. She said her breasts were “worse after than before” Her before photographs show smaller breasts. Implants boosted their volume. Despite a “nightmarish” encounter, the singer’s results are promising.

She hasn’t said, but she may have undergone a breast uplift. Breasts sag with age and gravity. This is especially true for women with larger breasts. The singer’s perky, wrinkle-free chest could result from this operation.

Cher revealed her boob job when cosmetic surgery was still a secret. The singer told everyone anyhow. She said my breasts are “my,” and I may lay them on my back “if I choose.”

Nose Job 

The age-defying model also had a nose job. She was vague. Before and after photographs show a variation in her nose’s shape. Her nose’s dorsal hump has changed. Her bridge-to-tip bump has been flattened. Her nose tip is unusual. Once round and squishy, it’s now sharp and defined.

Teeth Straightened

Cher got braces when most people used crowns or veneers. Her crooked and uneven teeth were straightened. Her front teeth were tilted and behind the lowers. Orthodontic treatment fixed it. In 1984, she declared she’d remove her braces before the Oscars (when she was nominated for Silkwood), so she wouldn’t be seen with them.

Cher’s teeth are now straight and white. In her before photographs, her front two teeth are discolored. She probably had/has a teeth-whitening treatment.


The Moonstruck actress is also benefiting from a facelift. Cher acknowledged with a facelift, stating, “Who hasn’t?” In an interview, she said her mother had a facelift at 56 to look younger. The internet couldn’t get over how Cher’s mom looked at 93.

Facelifts remove drooping skin, tighten underlying muscles, and reposition fat pads to restore facial volume. You’ll look younger. A complete facelift pulls the neck’s platysmal bands to prevent a Turkey neck. Cher’s clean channel suggests she had a thorough facelift. Cher’s facelift had terrific results. The singer continues to age gracefully, and her face looks natural.


Many have assumed that Cher underwent dermal fillers because of her big cheeks. Some claimed she had cheek implants, but she disputed it. She denied having cheek, buttocks, chin, or calf implants.

In addition to her cheekbones, Cher’s lips became fuller in the 1990s. She may have gotten dermal fillers then and maintenance injections after that. The singer hasn’t confirmed or denied it.


Cher reportedly had Botox. That may explain why the pop star’s face is smooth and wrinkle-free. Botox paralyzes injected muscles. This reduces wrinkles. Cher hasn’t commented.

Rib Removal 

Rib excision is one of Cher’s most extreme operations. She allegedly did it for a slimmer waist. The singer denies undergoing this operation, though. She said, “I’ve never even considered rib removal for my children.”

She asks, “Where are the scars from the procedure?” Given her style, any scars should have been noticeable. She probably didn’t get this treatment.

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How Has Cher’s Plastic Surgery Affected Her Life?

The artist has remarked that obtaining cosmetic operations “makes me happy” regarding looking beautiful. She even mentioned in an interview that she would go to the doctor first in line if she needed to have something done.

Cher's Plastic Surgery
                                                                   Cher’s Plastic Surgery

After seeing a 1985 movie called “Mask” in which she appeared, the singer decided to undergo these treatments. She observed herself and remarked, “I can look better than this.” She continues to do this today.

The singer’s inability to afford to grow old in her field is another possibility for why she underwent this operation. Everyone claims I am frightened of becoming old, but the truth is that growing old and going extinct are the same in my line of work.

The artist was persistently questioned about her plastic surgery after it became public knowledge. According to several, she allegedly had surgery on every aspect of her body. By noting that “once I had told everyone that I had some procedures, people ended up saying that I had every kind of procedure, which was not accurate,” the singer made it very obvious that this was not the case.

The fact that when people praised Cher’s appearance, they would often conclude that it was only because she had “snipped and tucked” herself also bothered the singer. And it might be the reason Cher hasn’t talked much about her plastic surgery recently after first alerting everyone about it, even though she has been getting work done.

How Much Has Cher Spent On Plastic Surgery?

Cher reportedly spent $750,000 on her plastic surgery treatments. Due to the addition of the costs associated with “alleged” operations, there have been varying estimates throughout time.

There is no way to verify that the singer spent $750,000 until she admits it. But if she’s having maintenance injections, we can infer that she did spend a lot of money on her operations and might be doing so even now.

Final Words

Cher plastic surgery is no secret. Everyone knows about it. However, it won’t be fair to say that the singer looks beautiful just because of that. The singer also has a very healthy lifestyle (she doesn’t drink, does drugs, and eats healthy foods) and works out. But it can be said that through cosmetic procedures, Cher continues to look even more gorgeous and young-looking, even in her 70s.

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