Death of 27-Year-Old School Basketball Coach Tyler Edwards

Kendra Faustin, assistant principal, and sports director at Comstock Park Public School broke the news of Tyler Edwards’ death. We are at a loss for words to describe how many coaches Tyler Edwards meant to us. Faustin praised Tyler for his “wholehearted investment” in the town’s youth and families.

“His genuine care for others and his infectious smile will live forever in the many lives he touched. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Edwards Family and his girlfriend, Ms. Kayla Brooks.” On the 17th of August, many individuals at Comstock Park Public Schools, including friends, paid respect to the basketball coach after hearing the news of his unexpected passing.

Death of 27-Year-Old School Basketball Coach Tyler Edwards
Death of 27-Year-Old School Basketball Coach Tyler Edwards

His GF Kayla Brooks said on Facebook, “I don’t have words yet, and I am not sure I ever will. I truly don’t believe this life was meant to be lived without him by my side. Tyler was my person. He was the most amazing boyfriend, best friend and dog daddy I could have ever asked for – JoJo and I miss and love you so much.”

The Alamo College Scots expressed their sorrow on the passing of former athlete Tyler Edwards. Edwards spent four years as a player for the Men’s Basketball team and three more as a coach. The influence he has had in Alma’s life as a student, athlete, and mentor is much valued.

It’s safe to say that Tye was one of the most honest people you’ll ever meet. He was a shining example to others in the little time I had the privilege of knowing and being with him. Please say a prayer for his loved ones and the many lives he touched during this time of loss. “R.I.P., Tye,” Ryan Trevithick wrote.

Mikayla Gray wrote on Facebook: “My favourite thing was always running into you everywhere I went and taking pics to send you. Your smile lit up the room and your kindness spread to everyone you met. You have always considered me family. I’m blessed to have known you for all these years. You will definitely be missed, not just by me but by every soul you have ever touched. Rest easy ❤️ Tyler Edwards.”

“Another great one gone. Tyler was a stand up man that only saw the best in people. Growing up he played an instrumental role in my love for basketball. To the Edwards family, you all have held a special place in my heart since childhood. I grieve with and for you,” said Brett Pero on Twitter.

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“Tye was a remarkable young man and one of my favourite people when I arrived at Alma. It was always such a joy to be in his presence and I loved seeing his smile while he walked up to chat. This is a shocking loss and there is a deep sadness across campus. He will be sorely missed. Peace to all of his family and friends. May God hold you in peace, Tyler Edwards, and be at rest,” said Andrew Pomerville.

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Comstock Park Public School’s associate principal and athletics director, Kendra Faustin, conveyed the news of Tyler Edwards’ death. Inability to adequately express the value of Tyler Edwards as a coach. The town’s youngsters and families have benefited from Tyler’s “wholehearted involvement,” as Faustin put it.

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