Drew Barrymore Divorce: It was “Very Difficult” For Him to Adjust

Multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE that after almost four years of marriage, Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman intend to split. “They’ve had marriage troubles for a time,” a close family member said.

“There was conflict over where to live,” the source claims, because Barrymore wanted to move to Los Angeles while Kopelman wanted to stay in New York. Olive Barrymore Kopelman, 3, and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, 1, together with their parents, have been settling in nicely on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Both Arie and Coco Kopelman, as well as their son’s sister Jill Kargman, were close to Barrymore. According to a reliable source, “Drew fell in love with Will’s family.” According to another insider, the couple has been discussing the next stages of their divorce, including where the girls will live.

According to the source, they plan to keep living in New York City for the foreseeable future so that Olive can continue attending preschool there. According to the same source, Kopelman is “devastated” by the split.

Drew Barrymore Divorce
Drew Barrymore Divorce

It was first reported by Page Six. The official word from the couple’s representatives has not been made public. Barrymore told PEOPLE in October that she loves seeing Kopelman with their children. Barrymore stated at the time, “Honesty, I don’t know how it is for other couples, but honestly I appreciate watching him be a father.”

Everyone always tells you to prioritise your relationship with your partner. However, I enjoy it most when the focus is on young people. Maybe I’m trying to make up for not having parents or a normal childhood by focusing on how my partner and I are learning to navigate parenthood.

After having her second kid, Barrymore confessed that she struggled with postpartum depression and adjusted her career goals to accommodate her family. When I asked myself, “Where do I need to be the most?” I went straight into the action. Although a 50/50 split is preferable, it rarely occurs in real life.

The actress-turned-beauty mogul admitted that “life is messy.” To put it simply, I found the task extremely difficult, and the resulting stress was intense. It required a lot of decision-making, but I adjusted my professional life to accommodate fatherhood.

During the same month of October, Barrymore told InStyle that “it was never really love at first sight” between herself and Kopelman. The pragmatic aspects of her character were “really hit hard by Will,” she added.

His family “had this great pattern that I don’t have,” she said, “and he was always approachable on the phone, and he was a classy human being.” Even though she and Kopelman are “opposites” in terms of how they express their emotions, she praised him for “choosing to be a nice person every day.”

On their third anniversary, Barrymore posted a photo of the couple out to dinner in June of last year. “Cheers to you, Mr. Kopelman, on your anniversary! I love you and our daughters!!!!!!!! #threeyears,” she wrote. Last seen on camera on January 21 at a benefit for New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Komansky Center

for Children’s Health.

Barrymore got a tattoo of her children’s names, Olive and Frankie, on her wrist on March 31, the day before news of her breakup became public. The phrase “getting a great tiny lifetime note on my arm” was written by her.

Nothing Went Wrong

Drew Barrymore claims that “there was no scandal” or defining moment that led to the end of her marriage to Will Kopelman, but that the experience nonetheless left her “broken” for the whole year that followed.

The actor and daytime talk show host told People about the difficulties she had after her 2016 divorce from Kopelman, with whom she shares children Olive (now 10) and Frankie (8).

Nothing untoward happened. She explained that the fact that nothing went wrong was both easier and more confusing than having something go wrong because there was no obvious culprit. We put in a lot of effort to make things function.

Drew Barrymore Divorce
Drew Barrymore Divorce

As (they) told me, “Divorce is the death of a dream.” Yes, it does feel like that—like losing something irretrievably. After her divorce, Barrymore put her attention squarely on raising her daughters. She wanted to spare her children the loneliness she felt after her parents divorced when she was 14 years old.

She answered, “I know what that feels like.” If I haven’t grown as a person as a result of it, then what was the point? It’s a family, so no one’s leaving. I was resolved to make it work because of how much love there was between us.

Barrymore admitted she had an alcohol problem after the divorce and the “cripplingly painful” year that followed it. As a young performer in Hollywood throughout the 1980s, she battled addiction.

She drank because she was “simply trying to numb the pain and feel good,” and the booze helped her achieve both goals. In my case, alcoholism was always there, like, “You can’t change. You’re not strong enough to make good decisions for yourself. You think you can handle it, but in the end, it will have the upper hand.

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