Is Jaylan Mobley Gay? Leah Messer’s Comments About Jaylan Mobley’s Split Spark Homos*xual Rumours

Is Jaylan Mobley gay? Since Leah Messer, a star of “Teen Mom,” revealed specifics about her split in the reunion episode, the entire internet has been guessing this is the case. Messer insisted that no infidelity or hate was involved when questioned about their breakup.

Who is Jaylan Mobley?

Jaylan Mobley was born in Charlotte but now calls Morgantown, West Virginia, home. In 1996, on September 14, he arrived on this planet. He is currently 24 years old, thus. He is a secretive person who carefully guards his intricacies to serve his country better.

As a result, we could not obtain precise information regarding his upbringing or family. But our team is still putting forth effort. In 2015, he registered for the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point. He finished his courses at Georgia Military College’s Milledgeville campus to get an A.A.S. in Homeland Security and Computer Science.

He attended West Virginia University and earned a bachelor’s degree in management information systems there in 2018. He received his Master of Science in Cyber Security after two years.

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Is Jaylan Mobley gay?

Messer initially avoided all of the inquiries and rumors regarding the breakup that were put in front of her by asserting that Jaylan should be the one to speak about it. As Messer continued to resist, David Drew Pinsky pressed him, saying, “Is there something about who he is that you are just accepting?” Messer replied, “Right, you cannot change someone.” Messer further claimed that she and her children still love Jaylan, but her words like “how am I supposed to have a romantic relationship” made fans think that there is something about Jaylan’s s*xuality that he has been keeping under wraps. 

Is Jaylan Mobley gay
Is Jaylan Mobley gay

It sounded like David recognized the dilemma right away after hearing Messer remark that she is simply embracing who Jaylan is and states, “I feel ripped in half. I think I understand where you are now.” As soon as the video was dropped on one of ‘Teen Mom’s fan pages, fans instantly seemed to have understood the situation. A fan concluded, “In conclusion, at boy ghay.” Another wrote, “He’s super gay.” “Defense GAYYYY,” wrote another. Another claimed, “He’s most def. Gay.” A fan wondered, “So basically, he’s gay.” “He’s gay,” another person added. Well, it appeared like Jaylan was being accused of being gay across the board on the internet. However, if that’s intended to be the case, he hasn’t yet shown himself to the public.

A fan stated the reason, “He’s gay! It’s obvious because why else would the girls still want to see him.” Another wondered, “She probably caught him with a guy.” Another fan wrote, “Um yeah, I’ve tried playing out different situations that could fit in this conversation. His s*xuality is the only thing that makes sense.” Another fan decoded Messser’s words, saying, “Eventually, he will share. That’s saying it all. He’s not ready to share who he is. Come on y’all read between the lines.” “She said it’s not her story to tell. I’m other words Jaylan is gay,” wrote another fan. Another decoded the whole interview, “Sooooo in other words they broke up because she couldn’t be with a man she was under the impression was hetero but ultimately is not. I mean I can’t say I blame her. I knew those hips and thighs was giving something that wasn’t sitting right with my spirit. however, I support my fellow’s lmao.” Another slammed Pinsky, “Dr. Drew is trying so hard to ask her indirectly if he’s gay.” Another fan wrote, “He’s gaaaayyyy. “How can i have a romantic relationship woth you, it doesnt make sense..” He’s gay.”

Pinsky and Nessa Diab tried their best in the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion episode to bring out the real reason for the breakup. And, to some extent, it seemed as if they managed to do it. When asked whether the breakup was done from Messer’s end, she said “no, I think he’ll eventually share.” Pinsky further asked whether Messer was curious about the things she learned and tried to talk it out with Jaylan. Whe replied, “no no no. I had questions.” She further claimed about being confused about the whole situation.

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Messer says, “I’m confused. I’m so confused, have we been living a lie the year and a half.” Messer further hinted more toward Jaylan’s s*xuality as she said that we should empathize with Jaylan and she thinks it’s because of “society.” Furthermore, Messer explained why it’s not her call to reveal the situation. She said she has signed a “property sentiment” agreement and cannot share anything legally. Messer further says that her kids know that they are not together and the reason for which they are not, but kids still want Jaylan to come around. She added, “We still love him.”

The internet is just full of rumours about Jaylan being gay. He hasn’t formally acknowledged it yet. Follow us on Lee Daily.


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