Did Ronaldo Plastic Surgery? Truth Revealed Here!

The Portuguese footballing great is frequently hailed for his beautiful looks and skills, but how much has he paid for it? Cristiano Ronaldo is among the best football players and the most impeccably groomed public figures. Many make fun of the Juventus striker’s obsession with his appearance, but would he choose plastic surgery to enhance his appearance?

Ronaldo enjoys his appearance just as much as he enjoys making goals. Stories of CR7’s self-absorption have repeatedly surfaced throughout his tenure. Former England striker Peter Crouch revealed one such tale after Rio Ferdinand informed him of Ronaldo’s conceit while the two were playing at Manchester United.

“Rio Ferdinand used to tell us tales about Cristiano Ronaldo saying, “Wow,” while standing naked in front of the mirror and running his hand through his hair. I’m so gorgeous!” According to Crouch, the Daily Mail.

“The other United players would say, “Whatever,” to wind him up. You are not as good a player as Leo Messi. He would then smile once more while shrugging his shoulders. ‘Ah yes. However, Messi does not resemble this.”

Ronaldo Plastic Surgery
                                                            Ronaldo Plastic Surgery

Has Cristiano Ronaldo Had Plastic Surgery?

Would the top star in football spend money on plastic surgery to feel even better when he sees his reflection? Experts undoubtedly concur. Alex Karidis, a cosmetic surgeon, examined Ronaldo’s evolution from his 2003 arrival at Old Trafford as an 18-year-old in a 2016 interview with The Sun.

“His forehead and eyes appear to have Botox treatment. His skin is now practically flawless,” the expert remarked. Karidis continued by claiming that he might have once used fillers to improve the appearance of his skin.


“Fillers fill in lines that have become deeper over time, like grin lines around the lips. “Fillers injected into the skin in fluid form may be why Ronaldo’s face is smoother now.” The surgeon also opined that Ronaldo may have had a treatment done on his nose, although she asserts that it may have simply been a natural progression.

“Although it isn’t a significant change, it’s plausible that he had the tip of his nose tweaked. His nose appears smaller than it was ten years ago, but his face may have changed.

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Ronaldo’s Love Of His Good Looks

It’s hardly surprising that Ronaldo wants to keep up his appearance given that he enjoys staring in the mirror, as his former teammate Wayne Rooney admitted. “In the changing room at Old Trafford, there is a mirror next to Ronaldo’s seat.

Ronaldo Plastic Surgery
                                                               Ronaldo Plastic Surgery

I’ve been playing with Ronnie for a while. The one thing I’ve noticed about him is that, even when we’re about to play a game of football, he can’t walk past his reflection without admiring it “Wayne Rooney, a former striker for Manchester United, penned “Wayne Rooney: My Decade in the Premier League” in 2012.

“He performs the identical motions before the team’s warm-up before each game. The boots and equipment are put on. Soon after, Ronnie turns to look at himself in the mirror as he prepares for the game.” Even though Rooney made much of his hair transplant in 2011, it’s never been proven if the former Real Madrid player underwent surgery when his hairline started to recede in 2013.

When Ronaldo made his subsequent public appearance, it appeared as though the receding hairline that had been seen when he was photographed at the Monaco gala had disappeared. The Belgravia Centre’s hair transplant specialists responded by jokingly posting the following on their website: “We’re sure the star would want to catch hair loss as soon as it began.”

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