Grant Wahl Cause Of Death: How Did American Soccer Journalist Die?

According to his wife, Grant Wahl, an American sports journalist, died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm, who dismissed any suspicions surrounding his passing. Grant Wahl passed away on Saturday, December 10, while covering Argentina vs. Netherlands World Cup game at Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

Dr. Celine Gounder, a renowned epidemiologist and authority on infectious diseases who served on Joe Biden’s COVID-19 task team said on CBS Mornings on Wednesday. She is Grant Wahl’s wife. Celine Gunder claims that on December 12, 2022, the deceased journalist’s body was brought back to New York City, where an autopsy was conducted to ascertain the cause of death.

“The body was dissected by the New York City Coroner’s Office. Grant perished from a ruptured aortic aneurysm that steadily grew undetected and was accompanied by bleeding and inflammation in the membrane encircling the heart. “His death is not related to COVID-19, and there is nothing unusual about his demise,” Celine insisted. Since the 49-year-old journalist passed away, rumors on social media have circulated that his receipt of COVID-19 vaccinations may have brought on his demise.

According to Celine Gunder, the pressure on his chest just before he passed away “may have been the earliest symptoms,” but “neither resuscitation nor shocks could save him.” The journalist wrote on his blog that his body was failing him and that three weeks of little sleep, stress, and work may cause this. He said, “I feel like there’s a new degree of pressure and agony in my upper chest.

Grant Wahl Cause Of Death
Grant Wahl Cause Of Death

Celine Gunder paid tribute to her husband once more. Her husband is well-liked by soccer fans in the US because he covered both the men’s and women’s teams in his native country. After graduating from Princeton University, Grant Wahl started working as a journalist in 1996 for Sports Illustrated.

His reporting on basketball legend Lebron James, the USA’s victory in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and a feature article on the American soccer tandem Claudio and Danielle Reyna are just a few examples of his ground-breaking work.

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Gounder Describes How She Learned His Passing

Gounder stated in her interview with CBS that memorials to her late husband are heartfelt and comforting. Hearing the outpouring was “like hearing a warm hug when you need it,” she said, because “many people loved him.”

Grant Wahl Cause Of Death
Grant Wahl Cause Of Death

When she started receiving messages from a friend last week, who claimed that Wahl had collapsed and that medical personnel had tried CPR for 20 minutes, she claimed she first realized something was wrong. She kept asking if he had a pulse as she tried to locate someone at the hospital in Qatar to find out more.

Nobody would respond to the question, she claimed. I felt afraid. She said she visited her late husband’s body because “I just really needed to see.” Sincerely, this has been so bizarre. Even after seeing the body, it’s still difficult to believe this is happening, but I needed that,” she said. She admitted that even though she wasn’t a huge sports fan, she felt that for Wahl, “Soccer was more than just a sport; it was this thing that connected people all over the world.”

“There is a lot to learn about soccer’s politics and culture. He used it as a way to understand people and their perspectives truly, she continued. “I want him to be remembered as this generous, kind person committed to social justice,” she said. She recalled recent comments her husband had made about LGBT rights and how he had supported the women’s game. Grant did that, she clarified.

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