Is Britt Leaving General Hospital? When Did He Leave GH?

The American medical drama General Hospital (GH) airs on television. Authors Frank and Doris Hursley are behind this series. The show has been on the air for longer than any other series in history.

And it’s the longest-running series in the United States. Kelly Thiebaud plays Britt on General Hospital. The birth date of the actress is August 28th, 1982. She’s made quite a name for herself as an actor in the US film industry.

Many viewers, however, are unaware of who is actually playing Britt. When and why did she decide to leave General Hospital? Then, in the following paragraphs, you will learn about Britt’s personality.

Is Britt Leaving General Hospital?

Fans have no idea who Britt is, despite the fact that it was revealed in August that she would be departing General Hospital in November. Dr. Britt Westbourne is not involved in any major plots at the moment.

Is Britt Leaving General Hospital
Is Britt Leaving General Hospital

Maybe Britt will decide to quit working at General Hospital. As a result of Her poor health, obviously. She may have contracted the fatal Huntington’s illness if her medicine is not properly administered.

The second factor contributing to Thiebaud’s departure was the fact that she will soon be seen on Station 19 once again in her role as Eva Vasquez.

Britt Westbourne General Hospital

Major antagonist Britt Westbourne plays a pivotal role on General Hospital. Kelly Thiebaud is the actor that plays this part. She was born to Dr. Liesl Obrecht and the late Cesar Faison, two of history’s most notorious supervillains.

On September 19, 2012, she made her debut on General Hospital thanks to the show’s executive producer, Frank Valentini. Kelly Thiebaud’s first audition was in 2012 for a contract part.

However, the showrunners at General Hospital decided she was not a good fit for the role. In spite of this, she managed to impress them. In the end, they cast her as a series regular.

Who Plays Britt On General Hospital

There’s a lot of curiosity about who will play Britt on General Hospital. Let us fill you in on that actress. Kelly Thiebaud has previously portrayed Britt. Actors have come and gone through a wide range of roles. People in General Hospital love Dr. Britt Westbourne more than any other character.

When Is Britt Leaving GH?

Since 2012, Kelly Thiebaud has portrayed Britt Westbourne on television. Actress leaving the series annually is a common theory. Many times during the course of the show’s first decade, the actress decided to leave. And in 2022, she plans to leave again.

Is Britt Leaving General Hospital
Is Britt Leaving General Hospital


Greetings Pals, The purpose of this piece is to provide background information on General Hospital’s pivotal protagonist. The main character of General Hospital is Britt. Fans of General Hospital, however, are curious as to who previously portrayed Britt on the show.

When will Britt answer the question of why she’s leaving General Hospital? It’s important to us to spread the word about this individual. In reality, award-winning actress Kelly Thiebaud played Britt. Feel free to share your thoughts about Britt’s personality with the rest of us in the comments.

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