Is Joe Budden Gay? Here What You Need To Know!

Joe Budden, a former rapper and podcaster is trending on social media after coming out as bis*xual, but not everything is as it seems. He formally stated on his podcast for today, “I’m bis*xual.” “How should I announce this? How do I get the word out? Hey, listen, I like both men and women. Get the word out. I feel low.

It sounds like Budden is coming out when taken out of context. The 41-year-remarks old’s are a part of a far nastier debate when you hear the entire clip. Budden and his co-hosts are talking about the DaBaby scandal in this context. The rapper stepped on stage at Rolling Loud Miami earlier this summer and let free with a barrage of homophobic remarks.

In between songs, he addressed the crowd, saying, “Put your smartphone lighter up if you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of those dreadful s*xually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks.” “Fellas, turn your smartphone lighter if you’re not sucking d*ck in the parking lot.” Let’s be genuine about this shit. Some of you n****s suspect a motherf*cker, another person on stage then says.

 Joe Budden Gay
Joe Budden, Gay

After the initial remarks, DaBaby expanded on them. He stated that his statements were intended to be “a call to action” and that his LGBT admirers “don’t get f*cking AIDS” since they aren’t “nasty” or “junkies” in a live Instagram video. Even in a music video, he directed himself. He held up a sign reading “AIDS” for whatever reason.

Celebrities like Madonna and Elton John started criticizing him for his homophobia and stigmatization of AIDS. He eventually expressed regret after his string of headlining festival appearances was abruptly postponed, and Dua Lipa ceased marketing their “Levitating” remix.

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“I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for my harsh and upsetting remarks. I apologize once more for making ignorant remarks about HIV/AIDS, and I know that spreading awareness is crucial. I love everyone. God bless. Until last Sunday at Rolling Loud New York, the rapper kept a low profile. However, he astonished his audience by performing a DaBaby set in the middle of his own.

After the performance, rumors about the “CEO of the LGBTQ+ community” forgiving DaBaby and approving the version spread across Hip-Hop websites, which is absurd, as many people on the internet pointed out. Even though the community is not a single entity, lacks a CEO, and has diverse perspectives, bloggers nonetheless published the article even after the source TMZ used to support it was quick to refute it.

So let’s go back to Budden, who talked about the drama on his podcast. In the discussion, Budden and his associates equate the LGBTQ+ community to the mafia and claim that the community is pressuring DaBaby to make amends and pay money so that he can perform on stage again. In this setting, Budden allegedly “came out,” ostensibly as a defensive measure to keep gay people off his back.

Is it true, then? We are clueless. But Budden must undertake a lot of introspection and learning if he belongs to the group. If not, he will have even more to do. All I want is basic respect as one LGBTQ+ person who alone speaks for himself. I have enough self-respect to never listen to a band again if I go to one of their concerts and they go on stage and launch into an anti-gay rant.

DaBaby’s activities are up to each individual to confront and determine how to proceed. Some do so, while others do not. However, because they no longer choose to interact with him, the LGBT people who would prefer not to deal with him are not the real bullies. DaBaby is the only one accountable for the catastrophe because he spewed ugly into the world.

Budden is contributing to the controversy on Twitter. “Oh my gosh, I watch the word spread! Please keep spreading the word. Celebrities and fans are responding to the story as if it were genuine. Azealia Banks joined in as well. Below are a few responses:

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