Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date & Ending Predictions

Since the K-major drama’s storyline shock occurred just before the series finale, episode 16 of Reborn Rich will be the publication date for the penultimate piece of the jigsaw. Check out Reborn Rich’s speculations on what will happen in Episode 16 and the series finale before it airs.

The latest JTBC drama starring Song Joong Ki, Reborn Rich, has been at the top of the news cycle in South Korea for weeks due to its record-breaking ratings. An astounding 25.032% of Koreans watched the most recent episode, according to Nielsen Korea’s ratings.

Release Time of Reborn Rich

On Sunday, December 25 at 10.30 pm KST/8.30 am ET/5.30 am PT/1.30 pm GMT, JTBC will air episode 16 of Reborn Rich. After airing on JTBC, Reborn Rich will be made available for streaming on Disney Plus, Netflix Korea, Rakuten Viki, and Viu, making it accessible to people all over the world.

Reborn Rich Episode 16
Reborn Rich Episode 16

Fans Speculate About Reborn Rich Ending

After the shocking turn of events at the end of episode 15 of Reborn Rich, viewers are left wondering how the series will conclude. Since his rebirth as Do Jun, both fans and our protagonist Hyun Woo have pondered the question of why he, of all people, was allowed to experience life as Do Jun, and why, despite his perfect recall, he did not know Do Jun’s fate until the day of their accident.

The twist at the end of Episode 15—Hyun Woo killing Do Jun—comes as a shock even to the webtoon readers. Some fans have speculated that the unexpected narrative twist was the universe’s way of punishing Hyun Woo by forcing him to relive his old life as Do Jun while still remembering his true identity.

The first and fifteenth episodes are finally circling back around to where they started. Do Jun may not die but instead be put into a coma and taken somewhere else, Seong Jun and his father Young Ki may continue Soonyang and, just before the current timeline (episode 1), Soonyang Micro may once again come to the surface, prompting Hyun Woo to take up the project of identifying the source of the slush fund.

Do Jun’s second existence brought him little change other than the fact that his quest for vengeance is winding down? Do Jun, the talented grandson of Jin Yang Cheol, yearned to be a part of Soonyang.

However, there is now a chance that Do Jun will survive and, to protect the secret of Soonyang Micro, will order the death of Hyun Woo. An alternative viewpoint is that perhaps Hyun Woo and Do Jun will end up cooperating rather than competing.

Reborn Rich Episode 16
Reborn Rich Episode 16


Whether it’s the script, which deftly combines period drama with a story of identity laced with just the right amount of history and politics, or the cast, which consistently gives award-winning performances, viewers of Reborn Rich are completely fascinated by every episode.

Reborn, Season 1, Episode 15 On the Nielsen Korea chart, Rich has been consistently popular, with 25.032% viewership.

Reborn Rich, which became the most-watched K-drama of the year in South Korea, also scored number four on Netflix‘s non-English global Top 10 chart with 19,440,000 hours of views for the week of December 12-18.

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