Who is ‘Gayme Show’ Host Matt Rogers?

The brand new video streaming service Quibi has now gone live. Nothing on Quibi is more popular than the Gayme Show, a game show in which straight competitors (including “smart queers” with “women who understand it“) compete to see who can be the most homos*xual. The first few minutes of this are certain to have you laughing up and may very well be the most fun you have with Quibi.

Who exactly is Matt Rogers, Dave Mizzoni’s lovely co-host on “Master of Girl Talk?” When did he appear, and why haven’t we heard more from him? Evidently, he has a magnetic personality.

You may be astonished to find out that he has many other talents than hosting. He and his co-creator and writing colleague Mizzoni also hold the positions of executive producer and creator. Is Rogers overloading your senses? Here’s the scoop on the dashing new presenter of Gayme Show and the show’s humble beginnings.

Who is Matt Rogers
Who is Matt Rogers

Who is ‘Gayme Show’ Host Matt Rogers?

Matt Rogers is a comedian, a former recap writer for Drag Race and Vulture contributor, and the co-creator and co-host of the live Gayme Show with his buddy and fellow comic Mizzoni. Live performances of Gayme Show by Rogers and Mizzoni have been going on for some time, and they contain many of the same brilliant bits as the studio version you can see on Quibi.

However, Rogers has guest-starred on a number of episodes, notably the Our Cartoon President series on Comedy Central, where he voiced Pete Buttigieg. In addition to guest-starring in episodes like Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, he has appeared in a number of web shorts. Don’t take him for granted as an excellent host who also happens to know a lot about the fascinating aspects of homos*xual culture.

What is ‘Gayme Show’ on Quibi About?

To answer a series of questions, Gayme Show pairs two straight people with either homos*xual men or “women who understand it” or “wise queers/queens.” And to stroll nonchalantly down the tarmac. One might even do a lip sync to an old favorite. Who is the gayest of the gays?

What makes it so exciting is just this! Lots of rainbow glitter, outrageous fashions, and pop culture allusions will have you guessing along at home. It’s nice to have a show where the focus is on laughing with the participants rather than at them.

The first three episodes of Gayme Show (and Matt Rogers while you’re at it) are now available for download and consumption through the Quibi app, which can be added to any device. There will be more episodes coming out shortly, but in the meanwhile, familiarizing yourself with the first few may be all you need. After that, you will be incoherent from laughing at everyone’s ridiculous actions.

Last Lines

The much-anticipated launch of Quibi, a video-streaming service, has finally arrived. Gayme Show, a competition between straight contestants (including “clever queers” with “women who understand it”) to determine who can be the gayest, is the most watched program on Quibi.

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