Why did Kopelman and Drew Barrymore Divorce? What Happened wrong Between them?

After nearly four years of marriage, Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman intend to split, several sources.

According to a person close to the family, “They’ve had marriage issues for a while.” According to the source, their differences included where to live, with Kopelman favoring New York City and Barrymore becoming more drawn to Los Angeles. The family resides on New York City’s Upper East Side with their two young children, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, 1, and Olive Barrymore Kopelman, 3.

Kopelman’s sister Jill Kargman and parents Arie and Coco had become good friends of Barrymore’s. The source claims that “Drew fell in love with Will’s family.”

According to a different source, the couple has been figuring out the details of their divorce, including the girls’ living arrangements. According to the source, they’ll probably remain in New York City for the foreseeable future, where Olive attends preschool.

The other source states that Kopelman is “devastated” by the divorce. The split was initially reported by Page Six. The couple’s representatives have yet to comment.

Barrymore told PEOPLE in October how much she loves watching Kopelman with their two young children.

Will Kopelman divorce
Will Kopelman divorce

“Honestly, I don’t know how it is for other couples, but I really like watching him be a father,” Barrymore said. “I know everyone says you’re supposed to put your coupledom first. But I love it is all about the kids. Maybe that’s my compensating for not having parents myself or childhood, but the focus is on how we’re figuring things out as parents.”

Barrymore also disclosed that she had postpartum depression after the birth of her second kid and that she had adjusted her career goals to fit her family’s needs.

“I just got right on where I need to be the most. Fifty-fifty would be ideal, but life doesn’t work like that. Life is messy,” the actress-turned-beauty mogul said. “It was challenging and I felt overwhelmed. I made many decisions and changed my work life to suit my parenthood.”

Also in October, Barrymore admitted in an interview with InStyle that it “was never really love at first sight” with Kopelman.

“Will struck a lot of my pragmatic sides,” she said. “He was always reachable on the phone, a classy human being, someone with this incredible blueprint of a family I don’t have.”

While she admitted that they are “opposites” when expressing their likes and dislikes, she admired that Koplelman “chooses to be a good person every day.”

Barrymore posted a picture of the couple dining at a restaurant for their third anniversary in June of last year.

“Happy anniversary Mr. Kopelman; cheers to you! I love you and I love our daughters !!!!!!! #threeyears,” she wrote.

At a benefit for the Komansky Center for Children’s Health at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the pair was last seen on January 21.

Barrymore shared pictures of a fresh tattoo she received on her wrist with the names of her children, Olive and Frankie, on March 31, the day before word of her separation surfaced. She wrote, “Getting a nice little lifelong note on my arm.”

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