Review of 7 Women and a Murder: A Typical Crime Drama Mystery

An Italian-language mystery movie titled 7 Women and a Murder (7 donne e un mistero) centers on seven distinctly different women who become engaged in a man’s slaying. Margherita Buy, Diana Del Buffalo, and Sabrina Impacciatore play the title characters in the Alessandro Genovesi-directed and co-written movie.

Benedetta Porcaroli, Micaela Ramazzotti, Luisa Ranieri, Ornella Vanoni, and Luca Pastorelli make up the entire cast of the one-hour, twenty-four-minute movie. The film’s cinematographer is Federico Masiero, while Claudio Di Mauro leads the editing team.

The movie’s official synopsis is as follows:

Susanna (Diana Del Bufalo) enters her father’s large estate as part of her introduction to the distant family in this traditional whodunnit murder mystery. Margherita, Susanna’s self-centered mother, her sister, her sneaky grandma, and Maria, her newlywed maid, are among the quirky family members.

When everyone learns about Marcello’s passing, the old guy who had a casanova-like reputation and was Susanna’s father, the visit ultimately becomes an immediate nightmare. They begin to accuse one another of being the murderer. Additionally, the situation becomes chaotic as everyone reveals a long-kept secret to establish their innocence and concludes that the murderer is in the same room.

Almost everything in the film is a clichéd scenario that doesn’t advance the plot. Even though the screenplay may have developed with the repeating elements, the ongoing effort to impose wit and humor undermines the entire plan.

7 women and a murder reviews
7 women and a murder reviews

For instance, when the over-the-top components are executed carefully and convincingly, one can detach feelings of mortality in a mystery movie. Due to the lack of character exposition, situations like a group of women enjoying a festive celebratory dinner immediately following their family patriarch’s death feel unnatural and fake.

Overall, it seems like a hurried method with an even weaker treatment when continuous and forceful aspects are used to deflect attention from the investigation: something that ought to have been avoided to enhance the setup’s interest and clarity.

A truly intrigue-filled scene does, however, occur around halfway through the movie. when every woman learns the other’s secret and reclines to think. The issue is that the affair only lasts a few minutes before resuming its usual course.

Last but not least, the plot lacks any crucial components. And I’m struggling to come up with anything you’ll recall after watching the film. Again, the cast tries to shine brighter than the story but fails miserably.

7 Women and a Murder Final Thoughts

This Italian whodunnit film fails to adhere to the rules of the genre because it isn’t taut and gripping enough to pass muster. P.S. If you want to see a better murder mystery over the holidays, go online.

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7 Women and a Murder on Netflix scores for story and direction, but acting wins

On December 28, 2022, 7 Women and a Murder, an Italian murder-mystery satirical film, made its Netflix debut. The movie, which Alessandro Genovesi directed, was influenced by the French film 8 Women, created in 2002 and directed by François Ozon.

According to IMDb, the summary for 7 Women and a Murder is as follows:

“7 women find themselves dealing with a mystery killing. Who’s the killer and what are the motives of the murder?”

Since it first debuted on Netflix, 7 Women and a Murder has drawn much attention from fans for its quite dramatic and distinctively different storyline, peppy direction, and promising acting performances by the lead ensemble cast, all of which lead to a startling, unexpected finale.

An intriguing storyline with a twist at the end

Seven ladies are tasked with investigating the death of Marcello, the family patriarch, in the Italian murder mystery. During the film, the seven women’s secrets are revealed one by one, prompting them to begin accusing one another of Marcello’s murder before they finally conclude that Marcello was not killed.

The film’s writers, Alessandro Genovesi and Lisa Nur Sultan did a superb job of maintaining the comedy while defending the satirical concept. This murder mystery film is surprisingly simple to follow. Even though the language in 7 Women and a Murder is straightforward, it manages to produce the dramatic impact readers anticipate from a satire.

The refreshing, quick-paced direction made it quite entertaining

This murder mystery film moves along pretty quickly in contrast to most others. The shortcuts between scenes give the film a positive vibe and a lively tempo that successfully carries over into the broader humorous structure and script.

Alessandro Genovesi, the director, has done a remarkable job of recording and directing the movie in a way that gives the audience a theater-like viewing experience.

Particularly well-directed and fascinating to watch are sequences like Rachele learning that her stocks have been stolen, Margherita and Veronica knowing that they have been seeing the same man, or Caterina exposing the truth about Marcello’s murder.

Over-the-top acting performances befitting a dramatic satire

Margherita Buy plays Margherita, Sabrina Impacciatore plays Agostina, Diana Del Buffalo plays Susanna, Benedetta Porcaroli plays Caterina, Luisa Ranieri plays Maria, and Micaela Ramazzotti plays Veronica. Ornella Vanoni plays Rachele in the film 7 Women and a Murder.

The seven actresses in the ensemble cast did a fantastic job of bringing their distinctive roles to life. For their restrained yet captivating performances, Margherita Buy in the role of Margherita and Micaela Ramazzotti as her character Veronica deserves special recognition.

The cast’s extravagant on-screen personas and performances have assisted in keeping the film’s sarcastic tone. Overall, it is safe to say that 7 Women and a Murder is a solid choice for viewers searching for a novel approach to murder mysteries.

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Final Lines

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