The Haley Anderson Murder Caused an International Outcry Has an Important Message

A remarkable woman named Haley Anderson came from Long Island, New York. She was noted for her endearing smile and kind spirit. Haley was a gifted, devoted, and passionate individual who was constantly by her loved ones’ sides. Her upbeat, sympathetic disposition made people want to be around her.

She was regarded by many as nothing less than a joyous bundle. Haley attended Binghamton University in New York in 2018 to finish her nursing degree. She was a senior in her fifth year and determined to succeed. Before graduating, she even had a job lined up for her.

Haley’s long-term goal was to go to California, get a hippie van, and work as a national trip nurse. She had that free spirit. Then, though, she was savagely slain.

The difficulties of her college life

Haley met Kevin Ocampo, a fellow nursing student, at the university. They hit it off right away and began dating.

Haley attended a party that Kevin hosted in 2016 at his home. She met Orlando Tercero, a different nursing student, at the event. Although they had participated in a few classes together, Haley and Orlando had never really bonded until that evening.

Orlando and Haley both had like personalities. Both put in a lot of weekday work and weekends were spent having fun. Both enjoyed making new acquaintances and networking. They got along well and were frequently the life of the gathering.

Orlando and Kevin shared a strong relationship. Kevin enlisted Orlando as he founded a fraternity. They grew closer since they were the only two Hispanics in the group who could communicate in Spanish.

Now, Haley and Kevin had a sporadic romance. So Haley hooked up with Orlando during their break. But she clarified that she wasn’t seeking a committed, exclusive relationship. She merely desired a little fling. Orlando approved of that. That’s what he claimed, at least.

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Turning into something he wasn’t

Kevin changed into someone he wasn’t. Soon, the members of Kevin’s fraternity found out about Haley and Orlando’s relationship. Orlando ignored their attempts to persuade him to end this relationship. Even though Haley herself had at one point expressed a desire to end their relationship, Orlando wasn’t prepared to let her go.

He was possessive of Haley and would not accept a negative response.

Haley Anderson Murder
Haley Anderson Murder

Orlando frequented Haley’s home after the split without permission. While he waited for her, he would smoke a cigarette while sitting on the porch. He also frequently pursued Haley by driving by her home at unusual hours. Things were becoming frightening for Haley as Orlando started acting creepily.

A creep is a creep forever

In September 2017, Orlando invited Haley to a party. Haley and Kevin had reconciled by that point, so they traveled together. Orlando was furious to see Haley with Kevin. He could not accept Haley’s decision to go with Kevin instead of him.

Orlando challenged Haley, and the exchange quickly became hostile. Everyone was uneasy because there was a lot of shouting. Later, Orlando tried to defuse the situation by changing the music, serving more drinks, and having fun. But he began throwing up since he was already somewhat inebriated. He had to leave the area as a result.

Kevin returned to Haley’s house after the party and stayed there the night. The two found Haley’s automobile tires had been cut when they left her home the following morning. Kevin accused Orlando. However, Orlando was not guilty. According to the police, the damage was over $600, making it a crime.

But Haley understood that if the authorities found Orlando, he may lose his job at the university or even be sent to Nicaragua. Haley didn’t want to ruin a young man’s life because she was understanding and compassionate. She, therefore, chose not to file a complaint.

Haley wanted to cherish her friendship with Orlando since she thought he was a lovely friend. Unfortunately, she was unaware that would be the worst error she had ever made.

Where is Haley?

Haley and her roommates had a good day on March 7th, 2018, playing games, drinking wine, and having fun. The atmosphere was filled with joy, dancing, and much laughter. The girls called it a night at one in the morning and went to bed.

The following day, Haley’s roommates Josie and Michaela found that her bedroom door had been shut. They believed she had slept in or gone out with some of her pals. They gave it little thought.

But when they didn’t hear from Haley all day, they started to worry. Haley would always respond or be available. So they tried to find Haley’s smartphone and found out she was standing in for Orlando.

The Friends of Haley were now relieved. They speculated that she may not have responded to their messages because she was ashamed of having hooked up with Orlando once more. She might have thought they would criticize her for what she had done.

It would take some time to discover that, of course, wasn’t the actual tale.

Where is Orlando?

Orlando’s sister became concerned when she heard nothing from her brother for several days. Orlando would message her if he could not speak to her virtually every day.

She then asked the cops to check on Orlando’s welfare. However, the cops observed that his car was missing. Additionally, they knocked on the door, but nobody opened it. Therefore, they thought he had likely left town for a while.

Haley’s friends are still unaware of Orlando’s abduction at this time. They continued to think Haley was staying with Orlando at his house.

Finding Haley

After several days of no communication from Haley, her roommates finally went to Orlando’s house. They desired to pick up their acquaintance and check on her. They then discovered Orlando’s automobile was missing.

The girls rapped on doors and windows to see if anyone was home. Haley’s phone was still there, after all. But after receiving no response, they forced their way in through a window. They were stopped in their tracks by a horrifying image inside the house.

The two women discovered Haley naked and palely resting on Orlando’s bed. There was no violence, blood, shattered objects, etc. There was a sense of impending doom in the quiet house. When Haley’s pals dialed 911, the cops quickly showed up.

Piecing the puzzle together

Haley had bruises all over her body; it turned out. She was strangled to death while she was asleep, according to the autopsy. The unfortunate woman did not even try to defend herself.

The CCTV footage from the structure provided the authorities with some of the puzzle pieces they needed.

  • Haley and Orlando entered the structure around 3:14 a.m. Haley seems content and eager to be with him.
  • Orlando stepped outside the structure after almost seven hours. He quickly dumped the trash into the car and sped off.
  • Then he returned and stayed inside the house for a while. Additionally, he was in the basement setting up some things.
  • He left with his stuff a few hours later.

The police subsequently carried out more research and discovered:

  • A prescription for sleeping tablets from a nearby pharmacy. The detectives believe Haley was the recipient of these medications.
  • Spanish-language suicide note from Orlando. He expressed regret for acting foolishly in the letter. Additionally, he said he would soon meet his father, who had passed away a few years earlier.
  • A tie that had been transformed into a noose was in the basement. Additionally, there were a few blood stains on the ground. Orlando allegedly tried to take his own life, but he injured himself in the process, according to the police.
  • Orlando had called his sister and informed her that he was leaving for Nicaragua since he was a disgrace to the family.
  • A man with a bandage on his head is seen in a surveillance video leaving Orlando for Nicaragua at JFK International Airport.

The murder of Haley quickly made national headlines, and everyone was incensed that the perpetrator had fled the country.

Orlando in Nicaragua

Orlando’s mother met him at the airport in Nicaragua and drove him to the community where they lived. The town lacked access to quality healthcare, though.

Orlando had to travel roughly an hour and a half from his town to a hospital in Leon. Someone recognized him in the hospital and called the police. He was promptly taken into custody.

Then, however, things became complicated because Orlando was a dual citizen of the USA and Nicaragua. He was a Nicaraguan national; thus, the cops weren’t required to extradite him to the United States. He was therefore kept there.

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Trial negotiations

The US and Nicaraguan officials agreed that the trial would be held in Nicaragua and that US witnesses might testify by teleconference after more than a year of negotiations. Following Nicaraguan law, a Nicaraguan judge, Nicaraguan attorneys, and no jury would preside over the trial.

The US authorities had no say in the situation, even though the crime was committed on US land. But they made every effort to compile evidence, testimony, and witness accounts to make a strong case.


The trial for Trial Orlando started on October 1st, 2019. Karen Anderson, Haley’s mother, gave evidence against Orlando. She described how sympathetic and caring Haley was and how Orlando had robbed her family completely.

The unfortunate part was that Orlando would smirk as if he didn’t give a damn whenever Haley’s mother saw him. The lady was devastated to witness the man who killed her daughter grinning and enjoying himself.

After that, everyone—including Haley’s friend Kevin and the pathologist who conducted the autopsy—came forward and gave evidence against Orlando. Along with other evidence gathered from his home, the police also displayed the suicide note, noose, and other items. They made a convincing argument.


Orlando had consumed too much alcohol that evening, according to the defense, and was, therefore, mentally ill. They contended that he shouldn’t be punished since he was in such a vulnerable situation. A clinical psychologist who supported the defense’s arguments was also presented.

The prosecution refuted their allegations, claiming that there was insufficient proof to back up their idea. There were no receipts, wine glasses, bottles, or mental disease histories to support their claims.


Orlando found it challenging to comprehend that Haley had free will and was in charge of her body, life, and choices. The judge asserted that she would not put up with men interfering in women’s life without their permission.

Orlando received a maximum punishment of 30 years in jail for his offenses. Orlando attempted to challenge the ruling, but it was rejected. He is currently in Nicaragua, completing his sentence.

The death sentence

Due to Haley’s case, Femicide, Orlando’s felony accusation, received more attention. There are no femicide laws in effect in the US court system at the moment. The mother of Haley hopes that her daughter’s passing will highlight the gravity of the offense and the significance of such legislation.

A UN report claims that every 11 minutes, a woman is slain by her family. And when women refuse, they frequently suffer terrible consequences, with death being one of the most common.

The list of names becomes longer and the stories get heavier. Haley Anderson, Heidi Firkus, Stephanie Parze, Janett Reyna, Lauren Cho, Miya Marcano, Molly Watson, Cati Blauvelt, Kathleen Moore, Makayla Young, Anni Dewani, and Louis Ellis.

The worst thing is that their stories are largely ignored, making them virtually forgotten. Orlando attempted to dodge the consequences of his conduct by moving to another nation, but he ultimately received a much heavier sentence.

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