One Brother Shot at South Side Gas Station, Another Detained After Fighting Police at Site

We now know that the young guy who got into a confrontation with police was at the site of the shooting to aid his brother, who was the victim. The Chicago police officer who got into the fight is recuperating. The mother of the two boys was interviewed by CBS 2’s Jermont Terry on Thursday. Her anxiety level is twice what it normally is.

The cops have one of Latosha Bradley’s boys, while the hospital has the other. Bradley is worried because none of her boys returned home Thursday night after filling up at a gas station on Chicago’s South Side. Hours after several gunmen opened fire on the older brother as he was buying petrol at the BP station at 87th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway on Thursday evening, Chicago police surrounded the site.

Bradley reported only superficial wounds to his shoulder, face, and arm. Bradley was waiting in the vehicle while her son got gas at 1:38 p.m. when he was shot. “Somebody shot,” Bradley said. “He shot back, but he’s at the hospital right now.”

Bradley said that her 25-year-old son serving in the military was the target of the shooting. There was the sound of many gunshots. Broken glass from gunfire at the petrol station was a nuisance to other motorists. The petrol station itself had been shot up, as bullet holes could be seen in the walls.

It turns out that shortly after Bradley was shot, his kid made a phone call home to speak to his older brother. “He grabbed his bag, he ran out, and he ran here,” Bradley said. But when the adolescent showed up there, he ignored the police tape and walked right over it.

One Brother Shot at South Side Gas Station
One Brother Shot at South Side Gas Station

“He had arrived at the scene quickly. It’s clear he’s taken aback by what happened. Once he reaches him, he finds him embracing the ground despite their best efforts to pull them apart “As Bradley put it. Bradley has revealed that her kid, now a teenager, has ADHD, which she attributes to anxiety.

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“He ran to him, and they tried to separate him from him – and he exploded,” Bradley said,” and if would have been here, I probably could have calmed him down – but it escalated so fast.” When Bradley’s kid was a teenager, he began fighting with cops, injuring one of them severely enough to need medical attention.

“They said he fought with them and he was resisting,” Bradley said. Bradley’s eldest son was shot and sent to the hospital, and her adolescent son was in police custody by the time she arrived at the petrol station. “I’m just worried about them,” she said. “They’ve never been in trouble with police.”

The gunmen who sparked this whole spectacle, however, have yet to be located. Again, Bradley expressed relief that the pair was unharmed and expressed optimism that they may return home sometime between now and tomorrow. The struggle the younger son had with police is said to be captured on security footage of the incident. The officer’s wounds were not life-threatening. Mom is praying the cops get it.

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Last Lines

Now we know that the young man who fought with police officers had come to the scene of the shooting to help the victim’s brother. The Chicago police officer who was involved in the altercation is doing OK now. On Thursday, Jermont Terry of CBS 2 spoke with the mother of the two boys. Her usual levels of worry have doubled.

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