Tory Lanez’s Prison Call To Kelsey Harris Ex-Friend Of Megan Thee Stallion Becomes Public.

Even though Tory Lanez was found guilty in the trial over the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in 2020, new details keep coming out. This week, the 30-year-old made a phone call from jail to the Grammy winner’s ex-friend Kelsey Harris.

YouTuber Nique At Nite posted a recording of the phone call on Thursday night (Dec. 29). The call seems to have happened soon after the alleged shooting and the rapper from Sorry 4 What was taken into custody. The Canadian artist from Brampton sounded tired on the phone as she asked how the “Savage” rapper was doing and what hospital she and Harris were at.

“Megan’s still in the hospital. I’m outside the hospital,” Harris told him. Later, he told him “Cedar Medical,” the name of the hospital where the Houston rapper was getting care.

In between asking where they were, Lanez tried to explain why he did what he did, but he didn’t mention the alleged shooting. The “Say It” singer also said sorry many times.

“Bruh, I know [Megan] prolly never, ever gonna talk to me ever again, but, I just want you to know, bruh, I was just so f**kin’ drunk that I ain’t even know what the f**k was going on.”

He continued, “I ain’t never do some sh*t like that […] I didn’t even understand what the f**k was going on. Regardless, though, that’s not gonna make anything right, and it’s not gonna make my actions right. I’m just deeply sorry, bruh.”

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Harris echoed his distraught tone, replying “I don’t know. There’s a lot… There’s a lot that happened.” Tory then gives more information about his alleged drunkenness, saying, “When I got to the house, I promise you, off the top ni**as, they gave me like five shots off the door. I was outta there.” He says later that he doesn’t even remember what they were fighting about.

Lastly, Lanez asks Harris to call his security to get him out of jail. Harris says that she will get in touch with them to try to handle the situation before word gets out. She also says that Megan Thee Stallion’s team was already working to keep the situation quiet. Tory says that the backlash will probably all be on him and not on the Traumazine rapper.

Even though he doesn’t say much about what happened beyond the argument and what he did, he sounds guilty and defeated throughout the phone call. Tory Lanez was found guilty on all three charges. When he is sentenced in January 2023, he could get up to 22 years in prison and be sent away.

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