10 Things To Know Before Diving Into Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

The first official open-world game in the Pokémon series, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, maintains the enjoyable gameplay formula while adding a ton of new features and a ton of the good magic from Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Along with your companion legendary Pokémon, Koraidon or Miraidon, you will explore the vast world of Paldea as you overcome the numerous obstacles it presents, including as the strong trainers of Victory Road, the enormous Pokémon of Path of Legends and the hostile faction of Starfall Street. Although there is a lot to do in the game, we can assist you. Here are a few pointers that we wish we had known when we first started the game.

Use The Right Stick To Lock Your Maps So They Don’t Root

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s map is completely overrun by icons. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to lock the minimap (that we are aware of), however, you can lock the large map by pressing the R stick. Palden is incredibly easy to browse and will also help you feel less dizzy if the north is constantly at the top of the map.

You Can’t Jump, But Your Mount Can

Early on, you catch Koraidon or Miraidon (in Scarlet and Violet, respectively) and the legendary Pokémon provide a big benefit: Unlike earlier mainline Pokémon games, you can actually use your mount to jump up cliffs and ledges.

Try jumping up to reach stuff you see atop a cliff. Of course, you won’t be able to jump to every ledge you see instead, you’ll need to use Herba Mystica, which you can get by fighting Titan Pokémon, to feed your ride some special sandwiches so it can jump to some of the higher locations.

Catch Everything (Obviously) And Receive Payment For It

Of course, you should strive to capture any new Pokémon you come across but as you do so, be sure to record any prizes you receive in the Pokédex, such as Exp. Candy or unique Poké Balls. Pressing X while you are on the Pokédex book screen will allow you to achieve this. The more rare Pokémon you catch, the more rewards you can obtain.

Go To School And Take Classes For Simple Rewards

It’s simple to go off into Paldea straight immediately, but you’ll be rewarded if you return to your school and enroll in some lessons (by speaking with the front desk receptionist). EXP Candy of varying sizes will be awarded for successfully completing the midterms and finals for each course.

When You Get To A New Area, Check The Levels Of The Wild Pokémon

Test the waters a little before engaging in trainer and gym wars. The gyms and locations don’t come in any particular order, so you can accidentally enter a level 50 area while you’re only level 20. To determine the level range, we advise battling a wild Pokémon because you may simply flee the encounter if you are out-leveled.

Fight Each Trainer You See

Talk to and engage in combat with any trainer you come across if you’ve followed the advice above and everything appears to be safe. Trainers that desire to engage in combat will have speech bubbles above their heads and their Poké Balls may occasionally sparkle.

While it’s crucial to defeating trainers in order to maintain the proper level of your Pokémon, you can also find characters in suits close to Pokémon Centers who will give you rewards for taking out all the local trainers. When you speak with them, they’ll let you know how many trainers you need to defeat.

Keep Your Pokémon Out In Let’s Go Mode

With the R button, you may now throw your Pokémon outside of their ball and they will automatically battle other Pokémon nearby. If your Pokémon has a type advantage, they’ll dispatch the opponent they’re automatically battling against with ease. If not, they will sustain harm. If the combat goes poorly, they might even run to you out of terror.

Free crafting materials and experience points are available in these bouts! Your companion Pokémon will even pick up objects off the ground, making exploration much simpler. Some Pokémon, such as Pawmo (Pawmi’s evolution), require a specific quantity of steps to evolve.

Many Tools Are Available From Menus, Not From NPCs

NPCs like the move instructor and name rater are no longer available. You can rename your Pokémon and teach them outdated moves straight from their summary screens, just like in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The latter is necessary because leveling through auto bouts will miss the move-learning process, necessitating the manual opening of the Pokémon’s summary screen.

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Get On Those Towers When You See Them For Fast Travel Points

Climb the ladder of every tall stone tower you come across. You can use these watchtowers as quick-travel locations to return to. Additionally, a ghost-type Pokémon known as Chest Form Gimmighoul is frequently found at the summit of these towers. These may be caught or defeated for 50 coins, so you’ll need a lot of them (to evolve Gimmighoul).

If A Building Has Doormats, You Can Enter, But Not If It Does Not

There are shops in every building that has doormats in front of the doors. The absence of a doormat indicates that the structure is only ornamental and not a true structure. Please refrain from wasting your time attempting to enter every store in the same manner we did.

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