Prime Video Documentary ‘Wildcat’ Tells The Story Of An Army Veteran And An Ocelot

The brand-new documentary film Wildcat made its debut on Friday, December 30, 2022, only on the well-known streaming service Amazon Prime Video. Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh directed the 105-minute documentary film.

Along with Harry Turner, directors Frost and Lesh served as the film’s cinematographers. The documentary on Prime Video features music by Patrick Jonsson. Harry Turner and Samantha Zwicker are the two primary figures in the documentary.

Amazon Prime Video’s official synopsis for the documentary video Reads

“Wildcat follows a young veteran’s inspirational journey across the Amazon. Once there, he meets a young woman who runs a facility for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, and he is responsible for taking care of an orphaned baby ocelot.

As a result, his life takes on new significance. Instead, what was supposed to be an effort to run away from life becomes an unexpected journey of love, learning, and healing.”

Since the documentary’s release on Prime Video, both reviewers and viewers have praised it highly for its compelling and touching narrative, director, and exceptional photography.

Story Of An Army Veteran And An Ocelot
                                      Story Of An Army Veteran And An Ocelot

Wildcat, Amazon Prime Video’s New Documentary Film, Is Reviewed

The nature documentary film Wildcat tells the story of a quest for forgiveness, redemption, and solace. It is the story of a man’s attempt to embrace and come to terms with his previous tribulations. The narrative of a South American ocelot, its rescue, and eventual liberation is the basis of the documentary.

Harry Turner and Samantha Zwicker, the two main characters, and Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh, the film’s directors, worked closely and for a long time on the documentary. They worked on the documentary for a total of four years.

Turner, a former soldier in the British army, witnessed unspeakable wartime horrors in Afghanistan, which left him scarred and suicidal. After returning from Afghanistan, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing in the Peruvian Amazon.

An American ecologist, Samantha Zwicker, was working in the Peruvian Amazon on a project to protect wild animals from poachers. She subsequently met Harry, and the two grew close professionally and personally, mainly because of an ocelot kitten. Without their assistance, the kitten would not have lived because it was in danger.

Story Of An Army Veteran And An Ocelot
                             Story Of An Army Veteran And An Ocelot

The documentary’s creators performed a fantastic job recording the ocelot kitten’s unprocessed interactions with Samantha and Harry. They got very near to it to capture the kitten in its most natural state.

The essence of animals combined with intricate human drama has been successfully represented. Without question, the documentary will lead viewers on an emotional, perhaps cathartic, trip. It is undoubtedly worthwhile to watch.

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The Film’s Cinematography Elevated It

The documentary’s filmmakers, Harry Turner and Frost and Lesh, also handled the cinematography. The 105-minute documentary did a fantastic job depicting how people interact with the environment.

Some of the fascinating sequences seen in a wildlife documentary may be seen in the scenes where Harry and Samantha are cuddling up to the kitten. These events were meticulously documented. Filmmakers have brilliantly portrayed the behavior and characteristics of other animals.

It is safe to state that the documentary’s cinematography has undoubtedly enhanced its authenticity and made it even more unique and stream-worthy.

The intriguing film also stars Colette Turner, Jayden Turner, Kelly Wicker, Mark Turner, Cole Zwicker, Bruce Zwicker, and Heidi Zwicker, in addition to Dante Cueva Altamirano, Erick Scott Vargas Laura, Cristian De La Cruz, Nicely Tafur Olortegui, Roxana Cachique Rengifo, and Eduardo Quilca.

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