Under The Skin: Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 8 Review

It was Burgess’ turn to be the protagonist, and we got a tense, gloomy hour and a surprising development in the Sean case. Chicago PD Episode 8 from Season 10 felt like a perfunctory and long overdue acknowledgment of Kim’s trauma from her shooting, but it also provided us with an interesting case, some home moments with the Burzek family, and the very underestimated relationship between Kim and Hailey by the end of the episode.

Chief O’Neal may have tossed the case to the unit in an effort to divert their attention from his son, but he will soon learn that there is nothing that can be done to stop time or save the wicked. O’Neal’s arrival at the scene, at which he threatened and commanded Voight to pursue this matter, was as plain as the nose on your face.

He insisted that the unit had nothing on his kid, that their s*x trafficking case was a bust, and that they should focus on nothing else. And yet, despite the dubiousness of his methods, it’s fortunate that Voight and the team decided to investigate. Nobody saw how it would spiral like this, leading the crew down a path that was almost too chaotic as they hunted down a serial killer.

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 8 Review
Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 8 Review

Only this team could keep winning even when they were clearly destined to lose. The chest wounds were the first red flag for Kim, signaling that she would have to rehash the ordeal of her captivity in order to solve this case. She tried to fool herself and Ruzek by immersing herself in the case, but it was clear that she was struggling.

Kim was completely thrown by the ordeal

Kim was completely thrown by the ordeal. When she roughly dealt with Tyler’s wife, we noticed that she was more aggressive than we had anticipated. Her mind was always wandering. Her thoughts would wander and she would constantly be reminded of her trauma. The fact that she didn’t have her weapon on her when she left the station was just the beginning.

The only thing that could have made things worse for Kim is if she had really left it in the safe at work rather than in her locker. It was one of those times when I had to wait until the very end to find out what happened. Everyone around her understood that she was having a rough patch that went beyond a poor day.

Kim, however, was not ready to admit the severity of her problems and insisted that she was well after overcoming her shooting issues. Haha, right; when? It’s unlikely that they’ll bring up her traumatic experience again any time soon, so addressing it through this instance felt like a formality. That’s the kind of event that always seems to happen right when it’s most convenient.

In a situation such as this, all I wanted was for the girl to seek help, whether through counseling or simply by opening up to someone else, even Ruzek. Amazingly, Ruzek was the ideal companion for her as well. He has such a keen understanding of Burgess that he can tell when she is holding it together despite her emotions.

He watched her intently for the entire hour but didn’t hint at the danger she might be in until much later. Most of his time was spent checking up on her and consoling her, such as when she forgot her gun. Finally, he assured her that he would be there for her whenever she should need him. Others may disagree, but I think we still get a terrific sense of who they are to each other even without these big, dramatic love moments.

What they are or aren’t isn’t very important to me so long as the essential Burzek dynamic persists. After saying a mouthful without going into detail, Ruzek reassured her that they could get past whatever was bothering her by working through it together. He now has her. Always, he has her. Kim is not alone in experiencing difficulties. Those issues belong to them. They present as one united front, as true and genuine life partners.

Ruzek assures him that he will always have her!

It’s impossible not to feel warm and fuzzy inside when Ruzek assures him that he will always have her. Kim is aware of this fact as well, and perhaps someday she will feel comfortable enough to share more of her life with him, but that time has not yet come. Thank god they’ve made up after the mess that was their relationship in Season 9 of Chicago PD.

Domestic life in Casa de Burzek has its endearing moments, too. Mac appears to be a healthy, happy kid who has benefited much from their arrangement. Sometimes it just spontaneously hits you that Kim is a mom, and she’s SUCH a mom. And who would have thought that Ruzek would end himself in the role of father, much less be so fulfilled by it?

But back to the case, which was one of those things where we dived right in, it carried us in a few different directions, and at times, it was hard to follow how we arrived where we did because everything occurred so fast. Seeing the policework in action with most of the characters adds a fascinating dimension to the dark, gritty, and dramatic episodes.

Kim was clearly feeling this one deeply, as evidenced by her body language and expressions, and it was sending her back to some of her darkest moments. Marina Squerciati consistently delivers devastatingly subtle and emotionally resonant performances. In this installment, she was dishing out an absurd amount of face.

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She could give you a look that would make you run the other way, and then the next she’d make you want to give her a hug because she seemed so helpless. When she heard the gunshot, her anger at herself for leaving her gun and staying behind transformed into pure fear, and she went in after Ruzek without any means of self-defense.

Her inner turmoil didn’t end then; she went through a similar experience again and again after hearing that gunfire and being unable to take a breath until she heard Ruzek exclaim that he was okay. It was a powerful scene when she was able to put herself in Linda’s shoes and relate to her so well that there was no mistaking how upsetting this case had been for her.

She then calmed Linda by telling her everything she wished someone had said to her when she was battling for her life. They’ve been torturing the team with heartbreaking scenes of them interacting with dying or close-to-death individuals. It has been serving as a constant reminder of the dangers and stresses of their work.

Kim barely opened up about what had occurred to her

She repeated this, seemingly unconcerned, a fact several times: “I have the same wounds as the victims.” It’s better than nothing; it’s recognition. We made her think about the scars she saw every day in the mirror as she scrubbed them away in the shower.

We witnessed her shaking hands, her flashbacks, and her periods of apparent paralysis as the memories paralyzed her. She ignored the distractions in order to complete the task. I was wondering whether this is something they want to delve further into, or if it was just a one-off episode to please viewers who were confused and annoyed by the series’s initial skipping over of this.

Will this traumatic experience be brought up again, or will it be forgotten until they decide to put her character through something similar? Consistency in this series makes predictions challenging. At this point, a therapist needs to be a series regular just to keep up with this family because none of the characters ever learn appropriate coping mechanisms or even try them out.

Kim’s most recent coping mechanism is to pour herself into something else, which is not only extremely Hailey-like of her but also made their pairing and discovery some of the greatest of the hour. Even though Kim was the focus for the hour, the other characters didn’t completely disappear (maybe with the exception of Voight). As always, she could count on Ruzek’s unwavering support.

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The scenes in the garage with Torres and Atwater were fantastic. With a little help from Fast and Furious, Atwater discovered the hilarious fact that Torres’ mom drives him to work every day. Together, they make a fantastic team. Pure, high-quality content may be expected from any combination of Torres, Atwater, Burgess, and Ruzek. Torres is a natural addition to the series’ standard cast of Burgess, Atwater, and Ruzek.

And after Voight granted Hailey some time off, she was pushed to the sidelines for the better part of an hour, which we all knew was so she could focus on Sean. It wasn’t shocking or unexpected that she took a back seat in this chapter because she had had a leading role in or was nearly the lead in previous ones.

They made up for it, though, by spending their dying moments with her and Kim. One of the best things about this season so far is that they’re giving Hailey and Kim more time together on television, allowing them to interact and collaborate.

They’re exciting to watch as a team, and they’re often stressful to be around individually, but together they deserve more credit. After they walked into the deserted cabin without reporting it or asking permission, the first thing that came to mind was that they have a propensity for finding trouble, getting harmed, and having unending traumas unleashed upon them.

There’s probably a point to be made about the disproportionate number of plotlines that focus on female characters. However, the ending resembled a scene from a scary movie. Kim and Hailey’s collaboration has just blown a huge hole in the previously unsolvable Sean case. As soon as Ruzek brought up the Wisconsin cabin for a second time, it was obvious that it would play a role in the plot at a later time.

I didn’t think “later” meant that the chapter was done. The two women hopped in a car and drove an hour to Wisconsin to investigate a cabin without informing anyone or reporting their whereabouts. Weirdness abounds in the cabin. The situation worsened when we discovered a skeleton and an overgrowth of mushrooms.

Kim is correct in thinking that Sean must have some sort of incentive to act in this way. There was a stark contrast between Sean’s positive work with kids and youths and his trafficking.

Last Lines

It was Burgess’s time to shine as the protagonist, and he delivered with a suspenseful, foreboding hour that also brought a shocking twist to the Sean case. While Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 8’s acknowledgment of Kim’s pain following her gunshot felt obligatory and long overdue.

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