Chainsmokers Gay? DJ Duo the Chainsmokers Admitted to Having “Weird” Devil’s Threeways

The Chainsmokers, an electronic dance music duo, have admitted that they have played something weird with fans, yet in today’s cycle of celebrity news, you would have been quite content not knowing. Friends Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, who recently appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast, make up the group. They admitted that they had requested to play when host Alex Cooper questioned them about it.

“Seldom,” Pall revealed, adding, “It’s not proposed a lot.”

The writers of the 2016 hit song “Closer” admitted that they frequently encountered these devil’s threesomes (two guys and a girl), mainly because they often brought home girls to the same hotel room. They weren’t as successful at the time as they are now. Pall said, “It’s been a long time.”

“It was also when we used to have to share hotel rooms,” said Taggart. “In Europe, they have the two beds; they don’t even split them apart. So it’s almost by force that we were forced into these scenarios.”

Pall also joked, “Does it count if it’s international?” They both agreed those situations were “weird; I’m not gonna lie.” Pall claims that they were in shock following their first ménage à trois.

“I think we were both like, ‘What the f–-k just happened?'” he recalled. “Because they were never planned, you know what I mean?” Simply males being males!

DJ duo The Chainsmokers admitted to having “weird” devil’s threeways

We will never again listen to “Closer” in the same way after The Chainsmokers‘ most recent interview.

The DJ pair behind 2010s radio smashes including “Roses,” “Something Just Like This,” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, went on the Call Her Daddy podcast and exposed more beans than anyone anticipated. One of the tales of their first encounters and festival performances included a trip down a scorching and taxing stretch of memory lane.

When the topic of love and romance came up, host Alex Cooper abruptly changed the subject by inquiring, “How often do people propose this with the two of you, and how often have you accepted?”

After awkward laughter, Pall asks, “Does it count if it’s international?”

Cooper follows up with, “Did you look at each other differently that morning?”

“The first time?” Pall replies.

Chainsmokers gay
Chainsmokers gay

The two appear to have been performing The Devil’s Three-wayTM worldwide. They said that it was never deliberate and that there just weren’t enough beds.

“I think we were like, ‘What the f–k just happened?’ Because they were never planned,” Pall continues.

“It’s been a long time. It was also the day we used to have to share hotel rooms. In Europe, they have the two beds; they don’t even split them apart … so it’s almost by force that we were forced into these scenarios.”

It sounds a little dramatic to claim that they were forced to have s*x because of the old “And there was only one bed!” fanfiction trope, but we can all go along with it if it makes them feel better.

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On social media, the responses to this discovery have primarily fallen into the “please stop telling us things” camp.

Although they might simply not like The Chainsmokers, it could be homophobia:

However, we find nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. In the past, straight guys who wanted to experiment freely together had to join the military or sail to the seas. Now all they need to do is record some unoriginal pop music and go on tour? That feels like progress, not “Love Wins” over The Chainsmokers.

And, to be fair, they look great together:

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