Why Kamala Harris Did Not Solute to Military Officers?

Kamala Harris, Why Kamala Harris Did Not Solute to Military Officers

As per the news circulated on 23rd March 2021, Kamala Harris refuses to salute the honour guard at the aircraft’s steps. After this incident, people start criticizing her. And everyone posted on tweet about it by saying that she did not pay respect to US Army officers. DISGRACEFUL: … Read more

How to Fix Webview Update Issue?

How to Fix Webview Update Issue

Getting app crashing error messages on the Android Operating system is a common and frustrating issue. But on Monday afternoon, the frustration level of several smartphone users was increased when some essential application like Gmail, Google Chrome, and others started to crash. When users took the issue … Read more

Is Whatsapp Down Today?

whatsapp down, whatsapp

Hi guys, As you know WhatsApp is the top most used message app. But now it’s down. As per some tweets, it is confirmed that WhatsApp and Instagram both are down. Instagram and WhatsApp down x pic.twitter.com/eYiKgLu3JT — James Patrice (@JamesPatrice) March 19, 2021 Checking whether Whatsapp … Read more

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