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  1. Cumberland Bowl Park, Jonesville
  2. Collier Mill & Duck Pond, Long Hollow
  3. Lee Theatre, Pennington Gap
  4. Spearhead Trails’ Stone Mountain ATV Trail, Pennington Gap
  5. Lake Keokee, Keokee
  6. Stone Creek Outdoor Classroom and Community Park, Pennington Gap
  7. Coal Miners Memorial, St. Charles
  8. Cooney Hollow Swinging Bridge, Jonesville
  9. Wayne’s Place, Hubbard Springs
  10. Cedar Hill Country Club, Jonesville
  11. Leeman Field Park, Pennington Gap
  12. Powell Mountain Overlook, Stickleyville
  13. Cave Springs Recreation Area, Olinger
  14. Appalachian African-American Cultural & Community Development Center, Pennington Gap
  15. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Cumberland Gap
  16. Wilderness Road State Park, Elydale
  17. White Rocks, Ewing
  18. Cowan Mill, Ewing
  19. Thomas Walker Civic Park, Ewing