Angelica Hale Net Worth 2022 (Updated Today) Income, Salary, Career, Bio & More

Angelica Hale first came into the limelight when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent Season 12. She is a Filipino-American singer who became the favorite of the audience in no time

Angelica Hale net worth was multiplying fast, and then got opportunities to perform for live audiences of 7000 people. She was back at the AGT Live Show in 2017 held in Las Vegas.

she entered mainstream Hollywood and that was a massive turn for Angelica Hale net worth. Her film debut was “American Reject” and she even voiced the lead in “Maya Unstoppable”

In 2012, she had to undergo several dialysis sessions. To save her daughter’s life, her mother donated a kidney. But she wanted to pursue singing and enrolled herself with local coach Tara Simon.

She was diagnosed with critical bacterial pneumonia. This led to a septic shock that results in multiple organ failures. So, her kidneys along with her right lungs remained on guard.

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States to parents Eva Boland and James Hale. Her voice may have swooned the audience but throughout her childhood, she had to battle a life-threatening disease.