Tucker Carlson Net Worth 2022 (Updated Today): Wiki, Career, Personal Life, & Latest News

Tucker Carlson is an American TV personality and is the host of the famed political talk show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" run on the Fox News Network.

Tucker Carlson net worth also makes him the highest-paid television show host! He has also co-founded a website that goes by the name of “the Daily Caller” and is also an author and columnist.

Tucker Carlson net worth became noticeable after his work has been published in other notable magazines and newspapers.

He began his television career in 2000 as a host for CNN's Crossfire, a panel discussion program where he pointed out right-winged views.

Carlson was born on 16th May in the year 1969 and is 53 years old. He is about 1.86m tall and has recently gone on a fitness spree

Tucker Carlson got married to Susan Andrews in 1991 and has been with her since then. They were high school lovebirds who met in a boarding school in Middletown,