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After Life Season 3 Release Updates, Trailer, Cast, Plot

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After Life is a British black drama TV series composed and directed by Ricky Gervais, who is also an actor. This series has been a big success for Netflix ever as it started on the streaming platform in March 2019. 

Producer and composer Ricky Gervais star in the black drama, representing a man attempting to get on with life after losing his wife by ending his status as a kind guy and stating precisely what he imagines. The show goes into a much-awaited season 3 this year. Here is everything we know so far about After Life Season 3! 

After Life Season 3 Release Date

Big news! There is going to an After-Life season 3. The season 3 comeback was declared back in May 2020. Still, that pleasure of a brand-new season was immediately met with a sad feeling as it was also stated that season 3 would be the last season of the series.

As filming for the forthcoming season just started a few days ago, an official release date has still to be declared. We have a relatively big idea when enthusiasts can assume season 3.

Season 1 released in March 2019, while the 2nd season was published in April 2020, so the series may point to release season 3 in spring 2022 or the last of 2021. Once more details reveal regarding After Life season 3, we will update you!

After Life Season 3 Cast

After Life Season 3 cast is as follows:

After Life Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer disclosed for the After Life Season 3. When we get some updates, we will definitely update you!

After Life Season 3 Plot

Explaining the plot of the series in a tweet from before pre-creation of season 1, Gervais said, “It’s a 6 part, mysterious drama, in which I perform the role of a man who, after the passing of his wife, becomes harmful but chooses to live long just to punish the world by talking and doing whatever the f*** he loves from now on.”

While Tony has evolved a bit from that information for season 3, he proceeds to experience many ups and downs throughout his healing from his wife’s passing. 

That involves taking pills, dealing with his father’s passing, boarding (in fits and starts) on new love, and trying to commit suicide twice presently, as in the last episode of season 2. 

While the conclusions of both seasons have included some confidence in his life, he yet appears to be in a hidden area that he’s not ready to leave. The problem that will probably be fixed is whether or not he’ll eventually get some warm confidence, with help from his quirky and entertaining work buddies and his loyal doggo. 

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Final Words

Here you have all information regarding After Life season 3. The show’s story seems quite interesting. If you are a fan of drama fictional series, then give After Life season a chance. It will entertain you for hours. 

What do you think about the storyline of After Life season 3? Please let us know in the comments below!

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