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Twitter Launches ‘Tip Jar’ For Send Money

Twitter has launched the latest Tip Jar feature that will enable you to transfer money to other people on the platform. Here is what you need to know regarding this. Different day, different innovations on Twitter! The platform has made the ‘Tip Jar’ characteristic official in extension to various innovations introducing lately.  

Twitter has begun examining the characteristics, following a slew of news that jumped up about the same. Continue reading for more information.

Twitter begins rolling out the ‘Tip Jar

Since by a Twitter post, the latest innovation will enable you to transfer or receive money with the aid of the unique feature. It could be to shift other Twitter users for their messages or just for a particular purpose. Although, the goal seems a little blurry. 

Once the characteristic is permitted, you will receive a cash symbol on user profiles; by tapping on it, you can send money to them. Presently, the money transfer modes involve PayPal, Google Pay, and many more!

Twitter is examining the Tip Jar characteristic in the US to choose users at the time. If you desire to monitor its availability, you can direct your biography part, choose the ‘Edit Profile’ button, scroll down a little to view if there is the latest ‘Tip Jar’ alternative. 

If it’s there, you can allow it to send transactions on the website. The characteristic will use third-party applications to transfer the funds and is supposed not to charge any fee. But we don’t acknowledge how safe the transfer will be. 

A statement by Gizmodo recommends that a user might finish up giving his or her residence address if he/she transfer money through PayPal. As it’s the first analysis, there are possibilities everything can be resolved once the innovation goes active for all.

To remember, Twitter has been in the headlines for this innovation for a while presently. Reports further state that it might finish up becoming involved in Spaces, which will repeatedly compete immediately with Clubhouse’s audio messages.

Moreover, we don’t acknowledge when it will come to India. It will fight with Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, and more money transferring applications that enable people to transfer money whenever this occurs.

How to send money by using Tip Jar Feature

Tip Jar approved accounts will represent a dollar note symbol attached to the Follow key on their profile. If you desire to transfer them some money, click on the icon and choose a payment option or modes for the money transfer.

The money transfer modes presently involve PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and many more. On Android, you can additionally transfer points within Spaces. Whichever platform you use, Twitter won’t charge anything for this.

Set Up Of Tip Jar

If your account can receive points, you can allow the innovation by tapping on “Edit profile” and set up Tip Jar. Then attach your amount details and wait for the money to begin rolling in.

Security Risks Of Tip Jar

The method seems easy enough to use, but there’s a rather significant safety problem. If you transfer tips through Paypal, the receiver will detect your location when they open the receipt.

After many people listed the matter, Twitter announced it would renew its clicking prompt, and the support center notifies users regarding the problem.

Final Words

It is all about Twitter’s new launching of Tip Jar. Nowadays, Twitter updates many things like the image cropping feature. Check out here!

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Security risks aside, the innovation gives a comfortable method to monetize Twitter accounts, which could benefit the organization to expand its user support.

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